These new people threatening Papa Pope and killing presidents are not the only scary things in season 6 of Scandal. When Quinn and Olivia find out in “Dead in the Water” that Abby is responsible for Huck’s disappearance and possible death, they flip out, and rightfully so. “Dead in the Water” is dedicated to finding Huck, dead or alive, and eventually forgiveness.

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Not Dead in the Water

After Meg kills Jennifer and shoots Huck, she somehow manages to get both bodies into her car trunk, clean up the hotel room and push said car over a cliff into a quarry. One can assume she thinks Huck is dead.

But alas, he is not. He struggles frantically to get out of the trunk as the car sinks into the water. Eventually, he hallucinates that he’s back at Pope & Associates. Olivia, Charlie and Quinn urge him to think of ways to get out of the car. He manages to work his way into the front seat, and with pushing from Papa Pope and Meg in his dream as he loses air, he breaks the car window with the headrest and surfaces.

Huck then swims to shore and hallucinates again, this time his old self taunts him that he’ll probably die. But somehow, he musters up more strength and gets Jennifer’s body from the car trunk to the shore as well. Honestly, I have no idea how any of this was even possible because he was shot three times and lost a ton of blood. But that’s TV for you.

Cry For Help

After learning that Huck and Jennifer are missing, Olivia sends Jake to search for the people blackmailing her father and Quinn and Charlie are on the hunt for Meg. Olivia then heads to see Abby at the White House. She tells Abby that Huck is missing, and asks if Abby can get the FBI’s help in finding him. When Olivia gives Abby a photo of the American Renewal people, Abby freaks out but says she doesn’t know them.

Abby agrees to get help finding Huck. Then she calls the blonde Renewal lady to find out what happened to Huck. The scary lady tells her that Huck is dead, and then tells her that the deal was just Jennifer for Cyrus Beane. There was no mention of Huck. Feeling lonely and at a loss, Abby resorts to telling Fitz everything, as he’s her only friend right now.

Hunting For Huck

Quinn and Charlie head to Jennifer’s hotel room first, where they find blood spattered across the whole room. Then, they head to Meg’s apartment, which has been emptied out completely. But Quinn finds a laptop that Huck hid in a vent, which has information about where Meg may be. They eventually track her down to an abandoned house where she has been hiding out and dying her hair. Once Quinn gets her hands on her, she tortures Meg, finger by finger. Before she can get information on where Huck is though, Meg insults Quinn, so Quinn slits her throat.

Meanwhile, at the office, Marcus comes by to help out with the search. He gives comfort to Olivia when Jake walks in and shows Olivia a photo of the blonde Renewal lady, Meg and Abby. Olivia is furious, and as she goes to leave, Abby walks into the office. Olivia slaps her a bunch of times, and after the two exchange words, Abby begs for forgiveness, which Olivia doesn’t want to give. In fact, Olivia makes Abby wait in the office for Quinn to come back and tells Abby that when Quinn finds out, she’s basically going to kill Abby and she won’t stop it. She then tells Abby that she messed with the wrong gladiator.

Creating Miracles

Charlie and Quinn arrive back at the office and tell them that Meg is dead. And since that is their only lead, the team feels defeated and convinced that Huck is dead. Olivia goes into her office, pours herself some wine and sulks the best way she knows how. Charlie comes in and gives her perhaps the best pep talk I’ve ever heard him give. He tells Olivia that she needs to fix her team. She is a miracle worker, and she needs to get her team to find Huck, dead or alive, for closure.

Charlie’s words are all she needs. She gets back into the conference room and gives a great speech because they owe it to Huck. Then they all get to work to try and track him down. At one point, Quinn realizes that they should be looking for Jennifer too, because they assume she was with Huck.

Olivia and Jake manage to track Jennifer’s phone, which is on her person, next to Huck in the quarry. And at the office, as everyone waits, Quinn realizes what Abby has done and pounces before Marcus and Charlie hold her back.

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Forgiveness and Recovery

At the hospital the doctor informs the team that Huck is stable, but since he lost so much blood there’s a chance he could have brain damage or not wake up at all. As they all process the news, in walks the Secret Service and Fitz. He gets Olivia alone, where she breaks down at the possibility of Huck dying. He tells her that Abby talked to him, and that Olivia needs to forgive Abby. Olivia tells him she can’t. But he reminds her that they forgave each other once. He also reminds her that Olivia has been down the same dark hole as Abby, and that she knows how to help Abby get out of that hole.

Quinn stays by Huck’s bedside. She lectures him on being too trusting and says she’ll never forgive him if he dies. She even tells him that if/when he wakes up, she’ll always be there to protect his blind spot for trusting people. Huck then wakes up, and she curls up next to him on his hospital bed, as Charlie looks in from outside the room, probably wondering if Quinn should be with Huck instead.

And outside, Olivia finds Abby, who breaks down in tears. Olivia doesn’t say a word, but just holds Abby’s hand.

“Dead in the Water” is pretty violent, with two viewer discretion notices. But it’s nothing out of the ordinary for Scandal, as any time a member of B613 tries to extract information, torture is always involved.

I’m very glad that Huck is alive, though I find the whole episode just unbelievable. I can’t imagine after being shot three times and losing so much blood that Huck would even be able to move, let alone break a car window under water and swim to the top of the water and then the shore. Then again, he is B613 and a gladiator, so I guess the impossible can be a reality sometimes.

I still want to know what’s up with this group and why they are so hell bent on getting Mellie into the office. And with Cyrus getting out of jail soon, hopefully we’ll find out who will actually become the next president.

And I do have to wonder if Fitz going to the hospital is a sign he’s still not quite over Olivia. When him wanting a library in Vermont, and now this, it seems to me that there could possibly be an Olivia/Fitz reunion at some point. Perhaps to take down this new group?

What did you think of “Dead in the Water?” Did you find Huck surviving unbelievable? Are you glad Huck is alive? What do you think will happen now that Fitz knows about these Renewal people and their intentions? Let us know in the comments below.

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