Castiel won’t be the only presumed dead character coming back to Supernatural for season 13. While Mark Sheppard‘s Crowley is still evidently gone forever, his on-screen mother hasn’t quite said goodbye. EW reports that Ruth Connell is returning to Supernatural as the supposedly murdered witch, Rowena MacLeod.

Supernatural Spoilers: New Details on Castiel’s Return>>> The exact circumstances of Rowena’s return are more than a bit mysterious. It’s been known for a while that Supernatural season 13 will seen the return of a few previously thought deceased characters. A new version of Michael appeared in the most recent episode and Kevin, albeit an alternate version of him, will also be appearing. 

With Rowena though, it sounds like she will be the same character. Rowena will appear in one of season 13’s planned standalone episodes. “You’re going to see the return of Rowena in one of the standalones,” co-showrunner Robert Singer teased. 

It’s uncertain what form that “return” will take although that word does suggest it will be “our” Rowena. Otherwise it would be less a return and more of an introduction. Although the reappearance could be something as simple as a flashback — Rowena does have a long history that Supernatural has yet to fully explore.

At the very least though, Ruth Connell will be back. When the news broke, Connell took to her Twitter account to let fans know she’ll be back. Connell also expressed her relief that someone else revealed the information and it wasn’t herself, accidentally. (This too suggests that it will be more than a cameo or flashback.) 

So what do you think of Rowena’s return? Will it be the original or a new version of the character? Which would you like to see? How do you think Rowena could’ve survived? 

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