We all have regrets in this life. If I could have a do-over, I’d write about RuPaul’s Drag Race more. I’ve been watching diligently, but keeping my obsession relatively under wraps while writing about more mainstream fare like The Bachelor. But last night, while watching the final four go through their toughest challenge yet, only to see an exhausted Yara Sofia collapse in tears during the Lipsync for Your Life (watch the full episode here if you haven’t already), it hit me: I love these girls so much, and I only get ONE MORE WEEK with them! (Not counting next week’s clip show, that is.)

But it’s not too late for us to show our love for Ru’s final three dolls, and make our predictions for who will take it all home! And three oh-so-fierce finalists they are:

ALEXIS MATEO: The sassy Puerto Rican queen almost called it quits under the pressure this week, but rallied and pulled out such a gorgeous money-made gown that her less than impressive swimsuit and cocktail dress didn’t matter so much. Plus, in the final Lipsync, she kept her cool while poor Yara crumbled under the pressure. Of the final three queens, Alexis is the only remaining non-Heather, and while she’s got personality in spades, her looks and performance have been more uneven. If she pulls out all the stops in the final week, could she win over the judges once and for all?

MANILA LUZON: Manila has a way of standing out without putting a target on her head, and it’s helped her get this far. Her combination of big personality, remarkable fashion and even bigger hair has helped her win multiple challenges, including the last two, which sets up Manila perfectly for the final challenge. The judges seem to respect and admire her persona and poise, but something seems to be holding them back from falling all the way in love with Manila. Maybe it’s that she’s so larger than life, her speech last night about appreciating her family was one of the first times the judges have seen Manila’s vulnerable side. Can she channel all her uniqueness and talent to win a third challenge in a row and take home the big prize?

RAJA: The oldest, most experienced queen has been everyone’s biggest competition since day one, but lately Raja’s star has been slipping a bit with the judges. They love her looks, her walk and her confidence, but she has a tendency to clam up when the focus is on personality. But there’s no question that Raja possesses “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” up the wazoo, and last week was her first and only time in the bottom two. Can her avant-garde but guarded personality convince the judges she would serve them well as the next drag superstar?

If YOU were Ru, who would you choose?

As for me, because of Alexis’ sketchy fashion record and how she nearly gave up this week, I think it will all come down to Manila vs. Raja in the final minutes. But these queens are so close, emotionally and in their skill levels, that I think it will really come down to their final performances to determine the winner! Whatever happens, that final Lipsync is sure to be E-P-I-C.

Next week is RuPaul’s Rewind, which will review and show never-before-seen footage from this season. Then, two Mondays from now, Ru and her judges will crown their Next Drag Superstar. I can’t wait!

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