At times, LA Ink has become a refreshing choice among the sea of reality television shows prominent today.  However, it sounds like it’s going slowly downhill with the addition of the Rock of Love 2 castoff Aubry Fisher.  As a new cast member on the show, will she be able to make it work?

Drama’s a certainty when you put Aubry in the upcoming season of LA Ink, as we’ve seen on her stint in the VH1 competition.  Now that she’s back in the small screen, we can expect even more.  The producers of the TLC series hardly thought it over, since the Bret-Michaels-girlfriend-wannabe just showed up at Kat Von D‘s shop one day and got a job.

It was more than unbelievable, especially because Aubry Fisher has no experience in the tattoo industry whatsoever.  Miraculously, she was accepted into LA Ink immediately due to Kat Von D‘s brother.

Of course, the new girl in the store wasn’t easily befriended by everyone.  She quickly clashed with the personalities surrounding her, particularly her boss’.  Apparently, Kat Von D wasn’t informed when her brother hired the former Rock of Love 2 contestant.

Upon their first meeting, Fisher tells store-owner Kat “I thought you were here for a tattoo.”  Maybe Bret Michaels was right in kicking that girl out of the game.  She actually left Rock of Love voluntarily, but the Poison frontman later revealed that she was going to be eliminated anyway.

Hopefully, Aubry will leave LA Ink out of her own accord.  The other cast members don’t really appreciate her presence.  Corey Miller even pointed out that “she’s a dingbat,” and had no idea why she was still around.  It’s pretty safe to say they’ll find a way to get rid of her somehow, if they hate her that much.

Still, it’s a different turn for Aubry Fisher’s career and she probably won’t give it up as easily as she did Bret Michaels.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Daily News
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Maria Gonzalez

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