Every bit of news about the much anticipated season of Big Brother is enough to send shivers down the spine of any fan of the show.  Though there have been plenty of reports regarding the house and the game, we still know little about the houseguests.  Now, however, we’ve learned more about them and how they’ll be categorized while playing this year’s installment.

According to On the Flix, the 12 (un)lucky strangers have already been separated into their appropriate high school cliques.  The source has even revealed hints about the identity of the famed 13th houseguest, who surely can’t be the spawn of the Chenbot.

Possible spoilers below.

Anyway, here’s the list of the 12 houseguests sorted into their cliques:

Braniacs: Ronnie, Michele, and Chima
Athletes: Natalie, Russell, and likely Jeff
Populars: Laura, Jordan, and Braden,
Offi-beats: Lydia, Kevin, and Casey

As for the mystery player, it’s been reported that s/he will be a former player of Big Brother.  The twist is, there won’t be just one.  While it could mean they’ll be hauling in people to switch cliques every now and then, it’s been confirmed that this won’t be so.

There will apparently be four new houseguests, one for each clique.  This could probably tie in with the extra spots on the Memory Wall.  That is, if the additions will be alternating places.  Who knows?  The show hasn’t premiered yet and we’re all getting way ahead of ourselves.  Even the 12 houseguests aren’t aware of who the surprise players will be.  The only other detail is that Number 13 will be the first Head of Household.

Keeping in the suspense for the eleventh season of Big Brother is getting more and more difficult when there’s so much buzz surrounding it.  Still, don’t miss the hugely awaited premiere of the show on Thursday, July 9 on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: On the Flix
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Maria Gonzalez

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