Previously on Rock of Love 2: Angelique was sent home, and everyone else ganged up on Kristy Joe because…I’m not really sure. She seems perfectly nice to me.

After the last elimination, everyone gets drunk, then Bret Michaels decides to go to bed. He gives all the girls a goodnight kiss…except for Aubry. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time. Daisy is not quite done, and she offers to walk Bret to his room, then goes inside for some overtime tonsil hockey. After several hours pass, the girls outside begin to speculate that Bret and Daisy are having sex. This is confirmed when Daisy slinks back into her bed the next morning.

Today’s challenge is for the girls to build some customized motorcycles. Peyton is excited, and I’m 99 percent certain she’s the twin sister of Rodeo from season 1. The girls are divided into two teams, each one picking a lead mechanic. The winning team gets a group date, but the lead mechanic gets a solo date. The lead mechanic of the losing team has to clean Bret’s motorcycle with a toothbrush. And no, “cleaning his motorcycle” is not a sexual euphemism.

Inna is the captain of the black team (with Ambre, Aubry, Megan and Daisy) while Peyton is in charge of the pink team (with Catherine, Kristy Joe, Jessica and Destiney). Megan emphasizes her cleavage, Peyton loses her marbles, Destiney feels useless, and Inna is a machine. The pink team customizes its bike first, but the gas line isn’t hooked up. This gives the black team a window, and they win it. Peyton is devastated.

When Bret returns, the judge blames Destiney, so Bret’s new decision is that both Destiney and Peyton must put bikinis on and wash his motorcycle with toothbrushes. Inna’s prize is to jump on Bret’s hog and go for a ride. Again, this is not a sexual euphemism. When they get home from their date, Bret finds Peyton and Destiney in their bikinis on his motorcycle. As expected, he turns this into another opportunity to act like the humongous pervert he is, ogling Destiney’s ass for about 10 minutes.

Sad invisible Aubry comes down hoping Bret will notice her. She takes him away, but taking Bret away from hot chicks in bikinis is like stealing Maggie Simpson’s pacifier. Aubry gets off to a terrible start by claiming her job as a karaoke host makes her an observant person when it comes to people.

Kristy Joe is another candidate to be sent home by having a breakdown about her history with rebound guys. She’s been married twice, and met her second husband just two months after dumping the first, and she tearfully confesses all her baggage to the other girls, who smell blood in the water and insist she tell this to Bret. Kristy Joe cries to Bret about all the affairs she has to put into order after this show is done.

The next day, Ambre, Aubry, Megan and Daisy go on their group date, which involves a photo shoot to make them look like ’80s pin-up girls. Megan, in her continuing crusade to prove that she learned nothing from Beauty and the Geek, claims she’s only 22, so she doesn’t want to look like she’s in her 50s. Megan poses on a motorcycle, Aubry does a King Kong theme, Ambre dresses like a sailor girl and Daisy is just plan sexy. When they have lunch, Bret spends the whole time ragging on how terrible “What’s Her Face” is. He means Kristy Joe, and Aubry is offended and goes to tell her about this.

Rock of Love 2 Elimination Time! Eight girls get passes, and it’s down to Kristy Joe and Aubry, of course. Kristy Joe is crying, and while Bret is talking, Aubry steps down and offers to leave to save Kristy Joe. What the hell!? Aubry leaves, and in her confessional, she cries that she’s giving the ultimate gift to someone she thinks is amazing. In a brilliant twist, Bret reveals the last pass was actually for Kristy Joe all along.

Next week on Rock of Love 2: Mud Bowl II! I guess that means it’s time for me to dust off my Friday Night Lights references.

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