Last night, the new season of Survivor kicked off and got things started with a major bomb drop.  Just a few days into the game, Jonny Fairplay asked his tribe to vote him out of the game on claims that he misses his girlfriend, Michelle, who was pregnant at the time with their daughter.  At first, it seemed that he was just fooling one alliance into voting for him while his alliance took out Eliza.  At tribal council, things became all too real and Survivor fans were disappointed to see the game’s biggest villain become the first person voted out of the game.  In a conference call today, Fairplay explained himself and claims that he has … dare I say … matured.

Survivor Micronesia: Jonny Fairplay Explains Himself

What’s most surprising about Fairplay’s choice to leave is that he knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed up.  “I’ve been waiting for 4 ½ years to show why I’m the greatest player to ever play the game,” he told reporters.   Before he left, though, he and Michelle made a pact that she would not have producers contact him if anything bad happened, something he called a “bad decision” on his part.

An interesting dynamic on the show is that between Fairplay and host Jeff Probst.  When asked if the two were friends or what the nature of their relationship was, Fairplay answered, “Honestly, most people consider Survivor: Pearl Islands the story of Fairplay vs. Rupert. The only real constant was Fairplay vs. Probst. I think it made for great television. This time around was round 2. It was only fitting that in the final chapter, it ended in a hug.”  He later said that he felt that he would consider Probst a friend, though we’re not sure if the feeling is mutual.

So what drives someone who calls himself the greatest player in the game to bow out on day 3?  Maturity, says Fairplay.  They didn’t show this,” said Fairplay, “but at tribal council, there were people who said that if their wives were 7 months pregnant, they wouldn’t be out there either. They agreed with me.”

In every day life, what’s the difference between Jonny Fairplay and Jon Dalton?  Since appearing on Pearl Islands, Fairplay has made a name for himself, as reality’s baddest villain.  “There’s a reason that Micronesia is the 40th different television show I’ve done,” he said.  “People like these kinds of characters. I embrace the bad guy kind of role, I love it.”  In fact, he loves it so much that he is legally changing his name to Jonny Fairplay.  What does Michelle think of this?  It was her idea!

The couple recently became parents to Piper Addison Fairplay.  For now, it’s the only thing Jonny is interested in.  “I have a new gig, it’s called fatherhood. I’m loving it,” he gushed.  “I left Micronesia to give this family thing a try. Let’s ride this thing for a while.”  Seems reality tv will have to do without Jonny Fairplay for a while.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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