Another established character is returning to Once Upon a Time for season 7, she’s just a lot older now. TVLine is reporting that Tiera Skovbye has been cast as Robin, the grown-up daughter of Robin Hood and Zelena who was last seen on the show as an infant. Skovbye will first appear in episode 10 of Once Upon a Time season 7 (AKA the winter finale) and then recur throughout the rest of the season. Skovbye currently recurs (and will continue to do so) on Riverdale as Polly Cooper. 

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Robin is described as “a strong-willed good girl turned rebel who is struggling to define her identity. As the daughter of powerful parents, she can never seem to escape their shadows, which drives her crazy. Tired of toeing the line, Robin is ready to break out into the world and find her own adventure.”

It’s unclear for now, where and when Robin will make her first appearance, whether it will be solely in the new Enchanted Forest or in the cursed real world of Hyperion Heights. Rebecca Mader, who played Zelena, is also set to appear in season 7 for “multiple episodes” so wherever Robin pops up it’s likely her mother won’t be very far behind. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of the casting news is that Robin will be the mysterious character that was previously reported to be a love interest for someone this season. While it’s still being kept a secret who exactly Robin will be romancing, there’s not many options especially if it’s a character that has already been introduced in season 7. 

Henry’s currently unattached romantically but he is Robin’s cousin (although not by blood) and he’s currently pursuing his (cursed) wife, Cinderella. Drizella is a possible option as she seems unattached and is clearly very lonely. However, the good money is on Alice being the woman who captures Robin’s heart. 

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Once Upon a Time has big plans for Alice, who casually revealed her sexuality in the latest episode, including a big romance for her. Those big plans will start, evidently, around the winter finale which is the same time Robin will appear. The timing is, at the very least, awfully convenient.

Of course, the option is there that we haven’t even met the person who will be Robin’s love interest. There is still much to be revealed for Once Upon a Time season 7 and many more possible characters to introduce. Perhaps the show will introduce a “male version” of Maid Marian to accompany a female Robin Hood, assuming Robin’s daughter kept her father’s name. But if the love interest is an already introduced character, there’s really no other option but Alice.

But what do you think? Are you excited that baby Robin will be reintroduced and grown up in season 7? What other returning characters are you hoping to see this season?

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