On this week’s episode of Ringer, missing people are the hot topic of discussion. It’s like the most intense game of hide and seek ever played, with drugs, murder and more!

Bridget looks for Gemma while Victor tries to track down Malcolm.

Best Foot Forward

We start right where we left off last week with Andrew telling Bridget that he went to talk to Gemma, but Henry said she wasn’t there. After Andrew left, Henry put on his favorite Korn knockoff CD and cleaned up the bloody mess. I usually call this activity “Thursday night,” but that’s because I know how to party.

The next morning, Bridget tries calling Gemma only to be told “don’t be boring” by her voicemail. After leaving a message asking to talk with Gemma, Bridget is interrupted by Andrew telling Juliet to put on clothes that actually cover her body. Bridget agrees and talks Juliet into changing.

For being a great step-mom, Juliet rewards her by giving her a bag full of drugs. Good thing Bridget isn’t a former addict or she may be tempted. Oh wait …

The drug bag mixed with the daily stress of identity theft causes Bridget to call her NA friend Charlie for help.

Henry is having a busy morning. After disposing of the evidence from the night before, he takes Gemma’s car to the long-term parking lot at the airport. He comes home and finds Bridget looking for her. It turns out that Henry thinks that she is responsible for Gemma’s disappearance. Sweet! A good ol’ fashioned whodunit.

Back to School

Juliet is not having a good first day of school in the public school system. She meets Tessa, a trashy-looking girl who sits behind her. After trading jabs about having money, a fight starts between them. It’s Juliet’s teacher, who looks surprisingly like Noah Wyle, who breaks them up.

Juliet’s not the only one having a bad day. Malcolm is still locked in the basement of a strip club, and instead of having heroin forced into his system, Macawi and his men are now withholding it from him for information about Bridget. He tries to be strong, but eventually says he will talk to them.

Victor is on the trail of Malcolm’s disappearance, and he believes it has something to do with Bridget. The first place he goes is the strip club, but not for the “Eggs and Legs” buffet; he is there for answers.

Tip Line

Bridget goes back home and is grabbed from behind by Henry. I guess proper hellos are out the window when your wife is missing. Apparently Siobhan told Henry she wanted to kill Andrews and Gemma during their affair, so he rightfully thinks she is behind it.

Bridget convinces him otherwise, and Henry says he can’t call the police because he will look guilty since he just filed for divorce from Gemma. Bridget says she will help him, but that she needs to cover his tracks so their affair is not found out. She goes back to the dumpster with the bloody rags and then calls in an anonymous tip to the police about Gemma’s disappearance.

Back at school, Andrew is called into the principal’s office because Juliet is being blamed for starting the fight with Tessa. The principal pulls out Juliet’s old school records, which shows she has a history of fighting. See kids, this is why you stay out of trouble, because you will eventually get beat up and then blamed for it.

New Sponsor

Bridget meets up with Charlie so he can help her dispose of the drugs. She hands him the bag and he simply throws it in the trash can. He’s a better man than me because I would’ve traded that stuff in for an Xbox at a pawn shop.

After meeting with Charlie, Bridget goes outside of Henry’s house to see him put in the back of a cop car. After her tip NYPD’s finest had some questions for Henry. They tell him about the tip call and that they needed to take him to precinct for questioning. Bridget then gets a call from Charlie, and she asks him to be her new sponsor. Poor Malcolm. He is a junky again and got sponsor-dumped without even knowing it.

Speaking of Malcolm, Victor shows up at the strip club with a warrant and starts looking for him. When you are in the FBI, you only open dorrs one way, and that is by kicking them in. Victor does this with every room he goes into at the strip club, but Malcolm is nowhere to be found.


Henry is released from police custody after the detectives get a phone call. It turns out that they have some information dealing with the evidence they found.

Back at her apartment, Bridget is told by Andrew about Gemma’s disappearance. Bridget does a good fake cry while thinking “I’ve known this all day, dude, c’mon.” It turns out that the evidence the police found is Bridget’s fingerprints on the broken vase that Henry threw out. Bridget purposely planted her fingerprint when she found the bag.

Wait, what? I guess her plan is different than what mine would have been, but then again she’s the master criminal.

We have a few weeks off until the next episode of Ringer, but that is a good thing because production has to catch up with new episodes that were ordered. Let’s hope that things keep getting better.

Next episode, the hunt for Malcolm puts Bridget in a tough situation.

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