Last week, Emily finally got her revenge on Conrad Grayson. But there’s still Queen V. to deal with. And Revenge has been advertising someone’s death today! Let’s hope all our favorites survive the season 3 finale.

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Conrad Will Pay

Emily flashes back to when she was a little girl and David Clarke told her about his ring. It was given to him by his father on his 18th birthday. Emily still holds out hope that the ring that Jack found is a link to something she still might not know about her father. 

For now, she and Aiden are celebrating their small victory. He tells her he’s happy to have a partner in revenge, and both of their fathers would be proud of them right now. Emily tells him she loves him and they fall into bed.

Margaux, Daniel and Victoria are loading Pascal’s coffin onto a plane in the airport. Victoria tells her they need to get through this together. But now that Margaux knows the truth about the Graysons, she’s finding it hard to play nice with Victoria. Daniel tells Victoria that Conrad is safely behind bars and he’ll finally pay for what he’s done and they can put the past behind him. Victoria is not going to rest, though, until she takes down Emily Thorne as well.

At Conrad’s bail hearing, he claims Charlotte entrapped him by faking her own kidnapping and wiring herself to get a confession. He says he was only repeating the words of a rehearsed speech he was going to give to the press as her ransom. The judge doesn’t buy it and he also just coincidentally received a giant file of incriminating evidence. He’s re-opening the David Clarke file. Not only that, but Conrad’s lawyer tells him the judge is re-opening Pascal’s murder case. Now they are charging him with murder, conspiracy to force perjury and jury tampering among other things. He can serve life in prison if convicted.

At the magazine, Margaux is making it her first order of business to name Daniel as her second in command, She’s doing so just as her brother, Gideon (who is strangely missing a French accent), walks in. He tells Margaux that he was never interested in taking over their father’s company and he’s just there to be with her in their time of grief.

Yeah, right. Nolan’s the one who called Gideon. He wants to re-gain control of MyClone with Gideon’s help so they can hurt Daniel. And Gideon knows that if they hurt Daniel, they hurt Margaux, and then he can take over his father’s company like he was supposed to. 

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The Mystery of the Ring

Victoria talks to her guy about the DNA test he arranged to prove that Charlotte and baby Carl aren’t related. He’s still at the cabin waiting for Emily to follow the lead to the ring. And she does after Nolan finds out the cabin Jack went to was built by Emily’s grandfather. Victoria’s henchman is waiting for Emily and the two fight. He ends up on the ground, and she ends up with a syringe in her leg.

When Emily gets back to HQ, she tells Aiden that she suspects Victoria is on to her because her guy was trying to get a blood sample for a DNA test. Victoria thinks she’s in the clear right now when it comes to the David Clarke case and Emily wants to change that. The one person who can link Victoria to the crimes is Dr. Michelle Banks, the therapist that Emily put a red “X” over in season 1 and the same person who brainwashed her as a child into believing her father was guilty. Emily thinks that with Aiden’s help, they can convince her to come clean.

Charlotte speaks to a detective about her abduction. Charlotte doesn’t have much to go on to tell her, but the detective tells her to call if she remembers any detail.

Meanwhile, Conrad is not faring so well in jail. There is already an officer who is abusing him. He tells him that Conrad didn’t have any mercy when he killed all of those people on that plane, so he won’t have any mercy for him. 

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Tea Time

Aiden has tea with Dr. Michelle. He tells her that Conrad and Victoria should both pay for what they did. He threatens to expose her for lying about Amanda Clarke, but she agrees to get him the files he needs. When she leaves the office, Victoria is waiting to enter.

It turns out that Aiden’s tea was drugged. He stumbles and falls over as Victoria gloats about how she knew Emily would send him to do her dirty work and that she hopes he feels helpless and manipulated like how she felt. He tries to choke her, but the drugged tea renders him too weak. He’s on the floor, paralyzed, and Victoria smothers him with a throw pillow. She says since Emily took away her one true love, she thought she would return the favor. We always knew Victoria was cold, but now that she’s killed Aiden with her bare hands, she’s probably going to awaken a new level of revenge in Emily.

Emily’s at the Stowaway watching the news coverage with Jack. David Clarke’s case has officially been overturned, posthumously clearing David of all charges. Jack tells her that she’s not only honored her father tonight, but Declan and Amanda too.

Emily goes home to find Aiden sitting in front of the fire place. She tells him the good news until she realizes he’s not responding. Victoria has cold-heartedly set Aiden’s corpse up sitting on the couch in front of a fire. That’s a whole new level of messed up. She can hear Emily’s wails of grief from her balcony.

The next day, Emily can’t even raise her head out of bed to talk to Nolan. She sobs and tells him that he loved him and they could have had a life together. Nolan says Aiden dedicated himself to her cause because he loved her too. He says Emily was Aiden’s reason for living, but now Emily says she’s lost hers.

Downstairs, Jack asks Nolan why Emily let the authorities believe that Aiden’s death was a suicide. He says it’s because Emily knows it was Victoria and she wants her all to herself. Jack says they can’t let Emily do anything too drastic, like kill Victoria. Nolan asks, why not? She deserves to die. Jack says she was just about to get her life back after Aiden’s death, and if they let her kill Victoria, it would ruin her just as much. They agree to protect her from herself, but it’s too late, she’s already gone. 

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Conrad is praying at the prison chapel. He laments wanting everything and then ending up with nothing. He says death would be a luxury compared to life in prison. The same guard who beat him up before tells him that everyone has wants, they just all come with a price.

Charlotte has tea on the veranda when Emily comes to visit. She hands Charlotte David Clarke’s ring and says that Jack took it from the cabin and it belonged to her father. She thinks someone must have desecrated David’s grave to get it and so she suggests moving his body. Charlotte tells her to get out, and Emily says she’ll do it herself.

Gideon and Daniel go out drinking. Daniel asks Gideon what he’s really doing in the States. Gideon makes up a story about wanting to start his own company and then they pick up two salacious looking young women.

Charlotte tells Victoria about her earlier conversation with Emily, just like Emily probably wanted her to. Victoria meets Emily at a cemetery where Emily is digging up a grave. Victoria taunts Emily, asking her if she liked “her gift,” meaning Aiden’s corpse. Emily says she should kill her right now. No one would miss her or mourn her. Victoria tells Emily she knows who she is, and that the man she remembers as her father and the man that Victoria knew are two very different people. Emily reveals that she’s not digging up David’s grave, but Amanda’s. Then she hits Victoria in the face with the shovel.

Charlotte confronts Jack, asking him why he gave her father’s ring to Emily instead of her. He can’t tell her and she goes to walk away, but he grabs her shoulder to stop her. She recognizes his touch as the touch of her kidnapper and then breaks into his car to find more evidence of the kidnapping. She calls the detective and the cops come to the Stowaway to arrest Jack.

The officer that gave Conrad a beating on his first day escorts Conrad out of the prison. He’s disguised in a minister’s collar as he exits the jail. He’s his normal cocky Conrad self, and he thinks money is solving his problems. He tells the guard that riches await him in his bank account.

Margaux calls Daniel to ask him how things went with Gideon. He tells him he had a few too many and Gideon booked him a room. But before that, he just told him about his plans to start a new firm, which seem like a complete joke to him. Daniel invites Margaux over to take advantage of the room and she tells him she’ll be right over. What Daniel doesn’t see is the dead girl lying in bed next to him.

Gideon took a picture of the scene to show Nolan. Nolan is shocked, saying that’s not how he does business. Gideon assures him that he paid the woman in coke, and it’s not his fault that she didn’t know her limits. He is going to use the pictures to blackmail Daniel into getting MyClone back for them.

Conrad walks down the road to his arranged transit, singing happily like he’s gotten away with everything. His ride shows up and a hooded figure steps out of the van. And holy crap, it’s David Clarke! He’s alive, and he has a knife! He buries the knife into Conrad and he dies on the road.

Victoria wakes up with a head wound from the shovel. She calls out Pascal’s name, maybe because she thinks she’s dead, but she’s strapped down to a hospital bed. Emily’s there and tells her not to worry, but she’s put her in the finest psychiatric hospital money can buy. Victoria starts screaming and rambling about how Emily is Amanda Clarke, and the doctor arrives telling about how her theories have led her to spiral into acute psychosis. Dr. Michelle is there to confirm the diagnosis, after Emily finally convinced her to right some of her wrongs.

In the end, Victoria is screaming like that mad woman she is accused of being and the doctor has to sedate her. Emily walks down the hall, thinking that it’s all over for now. And it is. At least until she finds out her father is alive and has been hiding from her all these years — and has become a legitimate murderer since that last time she saw him. 


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