Last week on Revenge, Conrad really took things to the next level by shoving Pascal in front of a propeller blade. Emily knows she has to step up her game if she wants to take him down.

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Kidnap Your Sister

Unfortunately for Charlotte, Emily’s new plan is to kidnap Charlotte and use her to get the Graysons to publicly confess their involvement in the flight 197 crash to clear David Clarke. Emily tells Conrad using voice distortion that he has until the end of the night to confess to ensure Charlotte’s safety.

Nolan thinks what they’re doing to Charlotte is too extreme. They have her blindfolded and handcuffed in a room behind a one-way window. Emily assures him she would never do anything to hurt Charlotte, and if he doesn’t like it they can leave.

Meanwhile, Javier has noticed her absence, even though neither one of her parents or brother has. He goes to Jack at the Stowaway to ask if he’d heard from her, since he tracked her cell phone and found it was last used there. Jack says he doesn’t know, but he’s concerned it has something to do with their earlier search for the alleged David Clarke. He tells Javier he will look into it. He tries calling Emily and Nolan, but neither one of them is taking any calls until the kidnapping is over.

Conrad tries to call a hired thug to take care of the kidnapping issue for him, instead of doing what Emily asked. But Nolan has software in place to intercept his call, and they find out he’s going to try and meet the thug at the pier. Aiden leaves to intercept.

Margaux meets with a detective because she thinks that her father’s death wasn’t an accident. The detective tells her that Pascal was wearing a wire when they found him and she says that he often recorded conversations with people he didn’t trust. The detective tells her that he’ll look into it.

Victoria is still reeling after the horror she saw on the roof. Daniel still suspects that the Homeland Security agent he was talking to was made up. Victoria says she’s going to make Conrad pay for what he did, and Emily Thorne too. She thinks that she had something to do with Pascal’s death and now she wants revenge.

At Voulez, Margaux tells Daniel that she suspects that her father’s death was foul play. Daniel agrees with her when she suggests that it was Conrad who killed him. They review the security footage from the party and they see an mystery woman running down the stairs shortly after Conrad and Pascal went up.

Conrad goes to the pier to meet with his thug, but instead he finds a black box. Inside the box is a tablet with a video of Charlotte being hit in the face and abused. A voice tells Conrad that he needs to confess or Charlotte will be hurt even more. As proof, Conrad finds a severed ear in the box, complete with Charlotte’s earring.

Don’t worry: Emily didn’t really chop off her sister’s ear. And Nolan manipulated Javier’s MyClone software to make it look like they beat her up, but there’s not a scratch on Charlotte.

Foul Play

Victoria makes a stop at a playground to comfort crying little Carl. The nanny might have thought Victoria was just being kindhearted for comforting him, but Victoria walks away with a sample of blood from his scraped knee. She gives the sample along with some of Charlotte’s hair to her private investigator to find out if there was any relation between the two.

In Charlotte’s prison, Emily sits her down in front of several TV screens with news footage of the flight 197 crash and David Clarke’s trial. Emily tells her about the victims and how she doesn’t want to torture Charlotte, but educate her. She tells her the Graysons were responsible for everything, and Conrad chose her father to take the fall for him. “How far would they go to frame an innocent man? Who else would they eliminate to protect their plot?” she asks as she shows her images of Amanda Clarke and Declan. She says that her parents can’t go unchecked any longer; she has to have the strength to call them out.

As Charlotte is crying, strapped to a chair, Jack walks in demanding to know what the hell is going on. Emily tells Jack to leave, but he can’t believe they’re using Charlotte in the plot to get Conrad to confess. He thinks it makes them as bad as the Graysons.

Aiden is having trouble too after he sees Charlotte have a panic attack. He says all he can see is his sister Colleen, who was also kidnapped and used for leverage. Emily promises that Charlotte has always been protected, and even though she might be scared now, she won’t be hurt. But she agrees to go to the pharmacy to get something to calm Charlotte down.

When Victoria sees Conrad at Grayson Manor, her first instinct is to attack. He tells her she needs to forget all of that now because Charlotte’s in trouble. He shows her the ear and tells her that they need to call a press conference to confess everything. Victoria says that if Charlotte dies it will be all his fault, but he says he won’t let her die. 

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Take Her Downtown

The detective Margaux was talking with stops Emily outside of her car to talk about Pascal’s death. He wants to bring her down to the station to talk more about it. At the station, he shows Emily a still from the security footage that Daniel identified as her running down the stairs. As she’s talking, Emily dials Nolan so he can hear what’s going on at the police station. The detective also asks Emily if she knows why Pascal was wearing a wire when he died, since he wasn’t working with any other police organizations. Daniel is at the station, too, making sure the detective doesn’t go easy on Emily.

Nolan recruits Aiden to help with the police station, but that means that Jack has to stay and help with Charlotte. At first, he doesn’t want to, but Aiden convinces him to by saying that Emily is never going to be Amanda Clarke (the girl Jack used to love) again until she takes Conrad down.

Victoria gets the DNA results from her PI. And we all know that it says that Carl and Charlotte aren’t genetically related. She tells Conrad she won’t be at the press conference because she thinks he’s setting her up. Conrad pleads with her, saying that she’s costing Charlotte her life, but she’s not going to confess with him in front of the cameras.

Charlotte begs to talk to the kidnapper, and now Jack’s the only one there. He can’t bear to listen to her cry, so he tells her to put the blindfold on and he puts his mask on to grab her and tell her he’s letting her go. He brings her to the beach where he leaves her with a knife to cut herself free of her ties. Then he walks away without her knowing it’s him.

At the police station, Aiden attacks Daniel, unprovoked. I’m not sure what this is achieving exactly, but it’s satisfying to see Aiden really knock Daniel on his feet. The cops take Aiden away, and Daniel meets with Margaux who demands to know what’s happening. Daniel ends up telling Margaux the truth about her father’s involvement in everything. Not surprisingly, she’s upset to find out what a real scumbag her late father was. But this knowledge brings Daniel and Margaux even closer together. The two are probably going to do it at some point in the near future.


Conrad is practicing his speech minutes away from his conference when Charlotte walks in the room at Grayson Manor. He’s elated to see that she’s unharmed, but Charlotte immediately lays into him, blaming him for all of those people’s deaths on flight 197, and especially for framing her father and killing Amanda. She says if he can’t look her in the eye and tell her she’s wrong, she’ll go to the cops herself.

Conrad turns on her, calling her an ungrateful bastard. He says he was about to confess to everything to saver her life, and he has the power to take her out at any time he wants. He says yes, he’s still here, and David Clark was just a patsy to his freedom. He says he’s the last man standing, and if she even thinks about crossing him, he will erase her like so many others before her.

A light blinks on Charlotte’s jacket. A secret camera caught the whole thing and broadcast it out on the news instead of a press conference. Conrad turns on the TV and sees himself and realizes he’s been caught. Emily watches, too, and gets emotional when she sees that Conrad is finally done for.

Victoria plays the piano in Grayson Manor as they wait for the authorities to arrive. She’s surprised he isn’t running, but he says running would be undignified. He’s also sure that Charlotte was as surprised as he was that the whole thing had been caught on camera, and he suspects it was Victoria’s trap that he walked into because she bowed out of the press conference at the last minute. As the FBI comes to take him away, Victoria tells him, “Goodbye, Conrad. Do rot in hell.”

Aiden suggests that he and Emily should celebrate Conrad’s demise by doing it. She says the war is not over, there’s still Victoria. Jack interrupts their make-out session. Emily tells him it was all a part of the plan letting Charlotte go early and allowing her to do the rest of the work by getting Conrad to confess to her. Jack tells her about the letters that Charlotte was getting from someone pretending to be David Clark. She seems unsettled when he shows her the ring he found with the initials ‘DC’ on it. She says it did belong to her father.

On her balcony, Victoria is triumphant that Conrad has been taken away. Daniel is shocked to find out that she gambled with Charlotte’s life by not agreeing to the ransom. She says she’s sure no harm would have come to Charlotte because Emily was behind it, and she now knows for certain that Emily is Amanda Clarke and would never hurt her own sister.

Emily goes to see Conrad in jail. He asks her if she did this and she says yes, in memory of David and Amanda Clarke. And she’s not finished yet. But at least for now, she can put a big red X over Conrad’s face. 


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