Last week on Revenge, Victoria finally concluded that Emily wasn’t hanging around the Hamptons just to ruin the Graysons, but she is on a much bigger plot seeking revenge. What’s her next move? Knowing Victoria, I’m sure she already has something brewing.

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Wedding Bells

When this week’s episode opens, Conrad meets with Aiden in a dimly lit parking garage. He’s upset that Aiden hasn’t “taken care” of Pascal yet. He threatens to tell Pascal about him if he doesn’t “take care of him” in one day. I’m not sure exactly what Conrad means by “take care of,” but it sounds pretty ominous. 

Victoria and Pascal don’t seem to be worried about “being taken care of,” though. She lounges around on the balcony in her lingerie wondering what Emily’s next move will be. Pascal seizes the opportunity to turn this into a romantic moment and proposes to her. Wow, Pascal, really? Homegirl has been divorced for, like, a hot second. Plus, she is way too smart to hop into another marr– wait, she accepted? Sounds like a bad plan, Vicky. I hope you have a better one for Emily.

Nolan is concerned that they’re taking a big risk with their plan to take Conrad down. But Emily thinks that this is their chance.

At Grayson Manor, Daniel and Margaux walk in on Pascal and Victoria making out. Gag. Margaux’s a little peeved because her brother Gideon still thinks he’s in line for Pascal’s job. He says to have patience because he’s not going anywhere any time soon. Daniel and Margaux are having a launch party for their (predatory) MyClone app. After that, Victoria and Pascal will solidify their plans for marriage.

Agent Rebecca Stone

Pascal is in the city doing business or something when he is snatched off the street by Aiden jumping out of a black van. He takes him to Emily in an interrogation room. Not Emily, she tells him, Agent Rebecca Stone with Homeland Security. He says he won’t tell her anything so she confiscates his phone, on which he supposedly has a recording of Conrad confessing.

Nolan soon finds out that there is no such recording on the phone. Emily alters their plan by telling Pascal that they have a timeline of his guilt starting from the investment he made at Grayson Global that he made millions off of. She says they know he killed Trevor Mathis and Oscar Chapman and they have enough evidence to detain him indefinitely. When Pascal refuses to cooperate, Emily slaps him hard across the face. He agrees to wear a wire to get Conrad to confess, but he refuses to take down Victoria. Agent Stone agrees to give him Victoria, as long as she doesn’t breathe a word of the plan to her. She gives Pascal a number to call in case any of the circumstances change.

Pascal tells Victoria when he gets back that he is tired of this country and he wants to go back to Paris tomorrow right after the launch party. He goes to take a shower and Victoria finds Agent Stone’s phone number. She calls it and is horrified to be connected with a voice mail for a Homeland Security agent.

Victoria tells Daniel what she’s found out. She thinks that Pascal is planning something for the evening of his launch party. Daniel assures her that he would never betray him, but he sings a different song when he goes to see Conrad at the South Fork Inn. He tells Conrad about Pascal’s intentions and implies that there are many upsides to getting rid of Pascal. Conrad implies that he has no intention of getting caught now after all these years — and by his ex-wife’s fiance, of all people.

Meanwhile, Aiden tells Emily that he’s having a hard time restraining himself around Pascal since he is the one responsible for his father’s ruined reputation and death. Emily tells him as soon as they get Conrad’s confession, Aiden can do whatever he wants to Pascal.

Return to Sender

Charlotte gets a letter in the mail from someone pretending to be David Clark. She asks her mom if her father might still possibly be alive. Victoria tells her no, and then switches the conversation to her favorite topic: herself. She tells her she’s engaged, to which Charlotte says what we’re all thinking: “That was fast.”

Charlotte brings the letter to show Jack and asks him if she can see Amanda’s old journals with her father’s handwriting. He says he doesn’t have anything, but he thinks he can help another way. He asks Nolan to trace the address on the letter and they find out it came from someone named Kurt Brenner in the Berkshires.

Jack and Charlotte take a field trip to the cabin in the woods, where they very rudely just let themselves in. There, they find a bunch of research about the Clark scandal and the same stationary, but nothing to prove that it’s David Clark. Before they leave, Jack does find a ring with the initials DC on it. As soon as they leave, a man walks back into the cabin. His identity is a mystery, but he looks quite menacing. We see him again glaring at Jack through the window at the Stowaway later that night while Jack looks at the ring.


Daniel tells Margaux that the launch party is her night and she should take all of the credit. Not only that, but she should get her father to sign over the company to her in writing so Gideon doesn’t have a chance to talk him out of it once he gets back to France. Margaux takes his advice and gets Pascal to write up the paperwork. The two share a nice moment, and for once Pascal seems proud of his daughter.

At the launch party, Victoria tries to get Pascal to confide in her what’s going on. When he won’t, she tries to convince him to come away with her right now. But he just kisses her and tells her he has things to take care of and he’ll catch her later.

Nolan manages to hack the MyClone presentation to make Javier and Daniel look bad. Charlotte’s MyClone tells everyone that she wants to “get high and party” for her next birthday. Then a random spectator’s MyClone tries to book her an exotic vacation back to the country she fled from as an exile after her family was massacred.

Javier tries to tell Daniel that it was Nolan who manipulated the data dump, but Daniel tells Javier that they own MyClone now and they don’t need him. He fires him and tells Margaux that they’ll be able to do damage control by blaming Nolan.

Conrad is slinking around the crowd and eventually makes his way over to the bar. Pascal meets him there and wants to talk, but Conrad tells him to follow him instead.

Emily notices they are headed the wrong way and instead going to the elevator and heading up. She tells Aiden in her ear piece that they are deviating from the plan and then heads up the stairs after them. Victoria, too, notices they’re leaving and gets on the next elevator up.

Conrad brings Pascal to the roof where his chopper is waiting to bring him back to the Hamptons. Pascal tries to get him to confess to taking the flight down, but Conrad says those are Pascal’s ghosts, not his. He tells Pascal that he wants to win at any cost and then yells, “Pascal, look out!” as he pushes him into the chopper propeller. Emily witnesses the whole thing from the stairwell, unseen, and Victoria arrives only to find Pascal dead and Conrad covered in blood. This death doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering all of the people important to Pascal seemed to have a chance to say their goodbyes.

Conrad tells detectives after they arrive that he tried to warn Pascal, but it was too late. Victoria is beside herself with grief and tells them not to believe anything Conrad says. But the detective says that it was an accident, and the pilot corroborates Conrad’s story.

Daniel comforts Margaux at Grayson Manor. She’s devastated that she was just starting to have the kind of relationship she always wanted with her father and now he’s gone just like that. She gets mad at everyone texting her their condolences, but Daniel points out that they’re not condolences, but people reaching out to her because she’s the new CEO of her father’s company.

Daniel tries to comfort his mother, who is still wearing her blood-stained dress. But she’s suspicious that Daniel is the one who told Conrad about Pascal’s connection to Homeland Security. Daniel denies it, but he says neither one of the men on that roof had her best interests at heart. He also asks her that if Pascal was involved with the feds, where were they tonight after he died?

Emily is shaken over what she just saw Conrad do. She and Aiden suspect he must have been on to them, and that’s why he chose that moment to get his hands dirty. But Emily already has a new plan. She just wonders if she’ll actually be able to go through with it.

Charlotte is walking home from the Stowaway when she’s abducted on the beach by a man wearing a mask. Is it the creepy guy who was writing her letters? Or is this just part of Emily’s new plan? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out! 


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