Breakups are pretty much about as fun as dipping your head into a bucket of angry bees. Unless of course we’re talking about breakups on Revenge, because those can be amazingly entertaining. “Collusion” this week is all about relationships going sour, which hopefully sets up some pretty explosive episodes during sweeps month. This is more a buildup episode, but there are still some pretty significant moments worth discussing.

Aiden Shoots Rage at Emily

This week further erodes the dream of the Emily/Victoria Super Team, but at least there is still a future possibility. Aiden almost kills all hope and Victoria with his sniper rifle until Emily rides in for the rescue of her favorite arch-enemy. Apparently, the Initiative hates missing out on a good sniping and they repay Aiden’s reconsideration by killing his sister. Aiden blames Emily for this tragedy, but this could have been avoided if the Initiative didn’t order hits via email. You’d think a super secret organization of evil would be a little bit more aware of hacking and flaws of crucial info being sent via email. Just think, if they had waited 10 years to frame Emily’s dad, she could have stopped it by reading the plan on their Facebook page.

Aiden may now be off Team Emily, and this is probably better for story purposes anyway. I’m sure some of you got a kick out of their make-out sessions and exchange of lovey looks, but this now lets her fully commit to Daniel and getting on his side. The jealousy routine being performed by Aiden got a little wearing after two episodes. He’ll be far more interesting as the angry avenger trying to dig up the truth on his sister. My guess is she’ll end up alive, but Aiden will do something he’ll regret, like die.

Daniel Uses His Brains, All By Himself

If Emily is stuck with Daniel for now, at least he is becoming interesting. Daniel is battling over trying to save the reputation of Grayson Global, but also risking following his dad’s path. Daniel actually outplays and outbids his competition in Jason Prosser, and may finally be capable of making moves without someone holding his hand. He is still being played by both Emily and the Initiative, so he doesn’t deserve an army of credit.  Surprisingly, he does figure out all by himself that Victoria had sent Emily off to look after Daniel, even if he is unaware of Emily’s more elaborate plan.

Victoria Using the Power of Flirtation for Good

Victoria does deserve a bit of empathy for how hard she is trying to rescue her son. Of course, she loses a lot of that with her habit of sleeping with almost every single male character over 40 on Revenge. Victoria does something unique and is 100% honest with Jason in an attempt to get him to win the bid. Her sexy skills are no match for Nolan’s Internet search skills and Emily’s skill to thwart all plans devised by Victoria.

I’ll say it again, Victoria and Emily have the exact same goal this season. This doesn’t seem to be enough to stop them from trying to wreck the life of the other. Victoria has proven to have a few rare moments of goodness, and hopefully, she’ll get an even bigger moment for redemption later on in season 2.

Can Padma Redeem Herself?

Padma also seems like a character that is balancing the fine line between pure evil and not so bad. She looks torn this episode, and there might be a chance she really does have feelings for Nolan. I have a feeling that Padma may have purposefully let it slip that she knew Carrion was a computer program and that she wants Nolan to stop her. This breakup is the hardest of the episode, because those darn kids were so cute together. We’ll find out how aligned Padma is with the Initiative now that she took Nolan’s bait with the fake program.

Conrad is So Bad at Being Good

Conrad Grayson plays white knight by aiding the breaking up of the Ryan brothers’ business relationship with the Porter brothers. Declan proves to have the powers of premonition by announcing that being in business with Conrad may not be much better. It looks like Conrad is going to be forming a rather dastardly alliance with Nate. To follow the possible redemption theme, Kenny may not be so gung-ho about keeping up the dream of owning the docks and making the Porters’ lives miserable.

Conrad really proves what a marvelous human he is by concentrating on his mayoral hopes rather than caring about his son’s future. Remember when he was actually worried about the Initiative’s hold on Daniel? It lasted about half an episode several weeks ago. Also, when is Daniel going to notice his ex-girlfriend is back to working for his dad? The house is big, but you’d think he would notice her car in the driveway or run into her while getting some lemonade.

Introducing Charlotte Clarke

The final breakup has the biggest story potential, with Charlotte officially breaking away from the Graysons and taking her real dad’s last name, Clarke. Even though Amanda’s the one that sparked the idea, it looks like Emily is mighty pleased with that occurrence. Conrad is less thrilled and will have something to say about it soon. It looks like Charlotte will finally have her first non-drug addiction storyline of the series. It will be interesting to see if this will lead to her getting close to her real sister, Emily.

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Chris Spicer

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV