Now that her biggest show has just premiered on ABC Family, Huge star Nikki Blonsky is nothing but proud. She certainly has a lot to offer, and even a lot more to teach to today’s youth.

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“This is showing that plus sized people are beautiful as well,” actress Nikki Blonsky told On the Red Carpet‘s Chris Balish. “Kids can literally tune in and say, ‘Hey that girl looks like me and she going through issues that I’m going through, and oh my gosh, I can deal with it just the way she dealt with it.'”

One great thing about the star is that she has really embraced herself for who she is. Even with society’s obsession with weight, Blonsky has still pulled through. Whether she’s singing for Hairspray or undergoing the Huge boot camp, she never fails to earn praise.

All that really stems from being pleased with her self. “I’m just comfortable and confident in my body. I could care less that the world is seeing me in a bathing suit right now,” Nikki Blonsky said on an interview with Us Magazine.

She also discussed a few bits and pieces regarding her role on Huge. Her character, Wilhelmina, isn’t the type who follows the rules at the series’ fitness program. Too bad almost everyone else is against her.

“She’s awesome, she’s totally against the grain,” Blonsky explained. “She doesn’t want to lose weight. She thinks fitness camp is stupid and that’s why I love her, because she doesn’t want to do anything that the camp wants her to do.”

The Huge actress also hopes to touch a few hearts with the show. With a premise like the one it has, the country’s bound to take notice. Nikki Blonsky explained to The Frisky: “Most of America doesn’t have the money to have a trainer 24/7 and a meal service to bring you meals, because if they did, we’d all be a size 2. And that would just be too perfect.”

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“I think this show, you’re really going to see the heart of America. I think that’s what TV is lacking and I’m so glad we’re going to fill that void.”

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