Reign is back and season three is seeing some major developments. Not only is Francis dying, but Catherine was trapped in a cage with lions in the last episode. At least Mary thought enough to put bars between the two parts of the cage. Oh, that’s right! She wants Catherine to suffer. And where does Elizabeth fall in the plot? Somehow I think Reign is about to show us.

Marriage Is the Theme

How nice! Francis and Mary have decided that Catherine needs visitors. Of course, it was to make her miserable and take her dress away. Now isn’t that such a loving son? Mary and Francis also have a private discussion about what to do with Catherine. Mary wants her dead, but Frances doesn’t have the courage to kill “mommy dearest.” Then Mary drops another bombshell that she isn’t pregnant. Well, that seals the deal! Charles will inherit. To make Scotland and France secure, Mary will marry that poor child. Charles doesn’t know what he’s getting into, does he?

The Game of Thrones Has Started

As Mary takes her bath, she finds a present–a dead rat. Someone has left a rodent with a note: “One rat down, two to go.” Okay, I know that Catherine must be rat one and Mary is rat two, but who is rat three? Not Francis as he is dying. After Mary yells about security, Francis tells his loyal band (along with Charles) that he is dying. (How many more times are we going to get this?) Francis informs Charles that Mary will be his bride and France and Scotland will be safe. No so fast buddy! Charles will marry whom he chooses. (Way to go, boy! Someone finally stands up to wimpy Francis!)

Charles brings up another sticky situation: his mother. He wants to talk to her. Francis and Mary then have to admit that she’s in jail. Charles demands to see her or he won’t agree to anything. Francis tells Charles that he is the king to which Charles points out that it is only for now. (Way to go Charles! I think this is checkmate.) After Charles leaves, Francis considers killing Catherine, but Mary tells him not to because Charles needs Catherine comfort.

Meanwhile in the prison cell, Charles and Catherine talk about the plan for him to marry Mary. Catherine points out that agreeing to it doesn’t mean anything. When he becomes King, he can free her and she can be regent. Charles feels unprepared and Catherine tells him to send for Germain to learn about finances and give him this message exactly: a “total reckoining.” Charles sends the message and starts a Bourbon assassination plot.

Charles agrees to marry Mary, but Francis finds out about the Bourbon plot. He confronts Charles who then admits to sending the message. Both Mary and Francis tell Charles the story from their point of view. Oh, no! Mommy dearest strikes from her prison cell!

Mary and Charles confront Catherine over the plot. Catherine tells Charles that it is only being done to protect him. She reminds him of all the times that he had to pack for no apparent reason and the sieges due to the Bourbons. Mary tells Charles that Francis wants peace. Charles visits Francis and Mary later in their bedroom and promises to marry Mary. Is this a ploy on his part? He is Catherine’s son.

In one final gloat, Mary visits Catherine’s jail cell. Mary announces that Charles has agreed to marry her. She has won! Or has she? Could that child be more cunning than Mary?

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Meanwhile in Elizabeth’s England

Elizabeth too is being urged by her council to marry. She doesn’t want to of course, because that would end her fling with Dudley. The council suspects this and tries to send Dudley to France as an ambassador. Elizabeth puts off a decision while plotting a way out of the mess.

Enter Donatella who has her own woes and can’t believe that Queen Catherine has been to England much less suggested marriage to Charles. Elizabeth has this idea that would save her “marriage woes” with the council and create a “fall girl.” Stupid girl! Donatella agrees and she finds herself in hot water. When Elizabeth is threatened by exposure, Donatella hears promises of marriage to Lord Barlow but finds herself herself in the Tower of London instead. Will it be off with her head?

In Council, Elizabeth refuses to let Robert Dudley go to France due to his lack of experience. He gets mad because he thinks that she has destroyed his manhood. (Grow up man! As she points out, you are already married to Amy. What do you have to say about that?) Robert has an answer but it hurts his feelings. Later, we learn that Elizabeth has a special ambassador planned for France. This one is good in espionage. Could she be planning a move to overthrow Mary? Of course she could!

And Not to Be Outdone

Lola and Narcisse have another rendezvous about love and marriage. Unfortunately, Lola can’t marry because Francis won’t allow it. Later, Mary reveals in confidence that Francis is dying. (The news once again!) When Lola sees Narcisse, she promises that they will marry and it won’t be long. His spies let him know that Francis is dying. You know that Narcisse wants the throne.

Next on Reign

Francis collapses? Could this be the end of a sorry romance? Has Catherine gone mad? Francis fights Narcisse. Just another episode of Reign.

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