On this episode of The Originals, “You Hung the Moon,” Elijah and Jackson search for Hayley, Davina and Hayley strike a bargain that could free the Crescent wolves from their curse, Cami goes to Klaus with her suspicions about Lucien and Freya confirms the threat against her siblings is real.

Davina, struggling in her new position as Regent, has a plan. She’ll channel the witch who created the Crescent Curse and free Hayley, but she needs something in return. It’s all very The Godfather.

Davina and Hayley Strike a Bargain

Davina can’t retaliate against Kara, the witch from the Ninth Ward who tried to kill her. If she does, it will start a civil war.

Hayley has no qualms with killing a witch, especially if it means freeing herself and her pack from the curse. So, Davina cloaks the hybrid, allowing Hayley to go undetected by magic. Davina has devised a spell to keep the curse inactive, but it’s temporary.

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Jackson and Elijah Search for Hayley

While out in the bayou searching for Hayley, Elijah encounters Jackson, who, like Elijah, is desperate to find Hayley. They got separated when the hunters mowed the pack down with gunfire. Any survivors scattered. Jackson knows that no trap would hold Hayley once she turned back, and nothing would keep his wife from seeing her daughter, so something is wrong.

Jackson only has a few hours until he goes all wolf-y again, so he and Elijah decide to work together to try to locate Hayley. Their first stop is Klaus. They have figured out that Lucien is the CEO of Kingmaker, the land development company. Since Klaus sired Lucien, they figure where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Klaus admits he just spent some time catching up with Lucien and tells his brother and Jackson where they can find him. Klaus also alerts Elijah that Lucien has come to town to deliver news of the impending downfall of the remaining Mikaelson siblings.

Elijah determines that questioning Lucien is a job for himself and Klaus and instructs Jackson to stay at the compound, but Klaus has no intention of leaving Hope as long as Hayley is prowling around in human form. Klaus also warns Jackson that if this is all some kind of ruse so that he and Hayley can abscond with Hope, he’ll kill him. Of course, being Klaus, he says it in a much more eloquent manner.

Lucien Remains Shrouded in Suspicion

Cami has been busy sleuthing and has managed to make quite a bit of progress in a few short hours. She goes to see Klaus and tells him that she thinks Lucien is murdering people in the Quarter. Cami doesn’t offer up any particulars, but she does show Klaus a picture of one of the victims, and Klaus admits there is “a familiar method to this particular madness.”

Cami tells Klaus that if he wants to prove to her that he’s turned over a new leaf, he’ll deal with Lucien. The Nola PD can’t take out a centuries old whacko vamp, but Klaus can.

Speaking of Lucien, Elijah arrives at his penthouse, and while their reunion is civil, there is an underlying chilliness. It’s obvious these two weren’t mates like Lucien and Klaus. Elijah tries to enter Lucien’s apartment but finds he can’t. A boundary spell is in place that prevents vampires from another sire line from coming inside without being invited.

Elijah confronts Lucien about butchering wolves in the bayou. Lucien argues it’s “population control.” There’s viable land out there in them woods, or at least it will be, once all the mangy wildlife is disposed of.

Elijah says that Hayley, one of the Crescent pack’s alphas, has gone missing. Lucien may be new to Nola, but he’s proven to be up on all the local goings on. Lucien tells Elijah he assumed the hybird Nik knocked up was persona non grata. After all, she’s been banished for months. Lucien’s flippant attitude doesn’t go over well with Elijah. He may not be able to cross the threshold into Lucien’s bachelor pad but objects can. Elijah, in a fury, rips the leg off a wooden table in the hallway and throws it at Lucien. The makeshift stake hits its intended target, right through the throat.

While Lucien is down, Jackson attacks and takes a big bite out of the vamp. He also demands to know what Lucien’s hunters have done with his wife.

Now vulnerable because of the wolf bite, Lucien has little choice but to cooperate. He puts some feelers out to see if anyone has seen Hayley. Elijah promises that Klaus’ blood will be forthcoming if Lucien helps to locate the mother of his child.

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Dead or Alive?

Freya returns home after a night of clubbing with an utterly anonymous guy. (About time somebody in the Mikaelson house was hooking up.) Unfortunately, little brother Klaus acts as a cock blocker and sends the guy scurrying off.

Klaus wants Freya to perform a locator spell on Hayley. Freya thinks Klaus is worried about the mother of his child, but Klaus assures her that he just likes to keep tabs on his enemies.

The spell doesn’t work, which leads Freya and Klaus to believe that Hayley could really be dead, but she’s just keeping up her end of the bargain with Davina. Hayley tracks down Kara and kills her but is immediately taken down by a bunch of witches, who show up almost immediately, suspiciously so, to the scene of the crime.

Kinney Confronts Cami

On her way back from Klaus’, Cami passes yet another crime scene. The serial killer has struck again. She makes her way to the bar and is intercepted at the door by Detective Kinney. The two have a drink, and Cami tells Kinney that she thinks he’d be better off looking for someone more experienced to help him with his case.

Her efforts to distance herself fall short. Kinney has been checking up on Cami, and let’s just say, he’s not clueless to the strange goings on in the Quarter. Kinney claims that Cami’s family has been involved in a series of odd occurrences from beheading to kidnappings for a century. Whenever there’s a problem in the Quarter, you can find an O’Connell either causing it, or cleaning it up.

Cami questions if she’s a suspect, but Kinney will only say that he knows Cami is covering something up. He might not know what it is yet, but he intends to find out.

After Kinney makes his exit, Cami realizes that her computer is missing from her bag. All of her research on Lucien and the killings is now in Kinney’s hands.

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The Prophesy Part Deux

While waiting to find out Hayley’s whereabouts, Elijah and Lucien have some time to catch up. Tristan tells Elijah the remaining sire lines are on the brink of war. Elijah questions if it wouldn’t benefit Lucien to kill him, but Lucien knows if he did, he’d have Beks and Niklaus to deal with. But Lucien does warn Elijah that he and his siblings aren’t as impervious to death as they may believes themselves to be.

Hayley Reunites With Klaus

The sun rises and Jackson, chained in the Mikaelson compound, is still human. Davina has been true to her word. But the spell keeping him in human form is being tenuously held together by a candle, so I’m guessing it won’t hold for long.

Hayley shows up, and she and Klaus finally have a chance to work through their different parenting styles. These two have a few issues to sort out. Klaus is big on loyalty, and he hasn’t forgiven Hayley for attempting to run off with Hope.

And Hayley is pissed that Klaus turned on her and her pack and has kept her from seeing Hope.

They kick the crap out of each other, but their fight is swiftly aborted when Hope wanders into the fray. Yes, little Hope is walking now. Time to baby proof the pad, Klaus.

Seeing Hope walking reinforces just how much Hayley has missed, and she’s heartbroken. Klaus finally shows some signs of remorse. Having had a crap relationship with his own mother, he realizes just how loving a parent Hayley is.

With the curse temporarily broken, Klaus and Hayley call a truce, sort of. She and Jackson will move into some apartments across the street with Hope, so Klaus can still keep an eye on his daughter.

Davina Goes Too Far

As for the witches who almost bested Hayley, well, she made quick work of them, all 11. Then she burned their remains in the street. This bodes well for Davina, because their loved ones are devastated and scared. Davina promises to put them under the protection of the ancestors, so something like this can never happen again.

Marcel confronts Davina. He suspects she may have had a hand in what went down, Davina reminds him that he’s hardly in a position to reprimand her for killing witches. Especially, since he’s the one who suggested to her that a show of force might be necessary.

Marcel suggests that Davina may not be ready to be Regent. He wants her to step down and go find the fun, but Davina isn’t going anywhere. Marcel warns his former ward that becoming like Klaus is not the way to defeat him.

Davina’s plan was far from foolproof. After laying to rest the fallen witches, Kara’s son confronts Davina. He suspects Davina had something to do with his mother’s death, and he’s determined to prove it.

Is Lucien Friend or Foe?

As for Lucien, he receives a call from Klaus, who extends a friendly warning that Lucien needs to stop exercising his personal demons by murdering innocent people and leaving their bodies laying around for anyone to find. Lucien doesn’t respect the delicate balance that exists in the city. What happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans. Klaus warns that if Lucien draws unwanted attention or disrupts the peace, Klaus will take him out.

Interesting side note, Lucien has some kind of wolf anti-venom at his disposal. Don’t know where it is, don’t know where he got it, but this guy is prepared. Like a sexy, psychotic boy scout.

It’s still too early to tell what Lucien’s endgame is. The guy leaks the news of the murders to a report, who he also happens to have compelled and is feeding off of. It does involve the lovely Aurora, who should be showing up in town any day now, along with her brother, Tristan.

And as far as that pesky prophesy goes, it appears to be legit. Elijah asks Freya to look into it, and she sees a dark shadow over her siblings. They will all fall. “One by friend, one by foe and one…by family.” As if Klaus isn’t paranoid enough.

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9pm on the CW.

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