Poor Reign’s Queen Mary of France — what can she do? Her husband is getting weaker. She can’t marry her brother-in-law. Her Scottish kingdom isn’t behaving itself. Add to her woes, Queen Elizabeth is trying to show her what a true Queen does! It’s another Friday night and Reign must try to solve Mary’s woes.

Mary’s France

In France, things don’t look good. Secrets are everywhere and everyone has some. At least for Mary’s peace of mind, Francis is still kicking but doesn’t want his medicine. Maybe he should have followed that Tudor King, Henry VIII, and made his own! Oh, wait, I’m thinking of the series, The Tudors. As things are calm, we have to have drama build. Francis and Mary receive news from Scotland and I bet it isn’t good! (Of course, it’s not.) Mary’s half-brother, James, is causing problems for Mary’s mom, Marie of Guise. Marie (not to be confused with Mary) is smart, but not as cunning as Catherine. You know Catherine wouldn’t have allowed this to happen.

Mary and Francis decide to send two ships of the French navy in with Charles’s support. Little do they know that Catherine has a spy in the room. Later, Francis teaches Charles sword fighting, Catherine confronts both her sons and Mary about sending French ships against England’s faster navy. Francis play the dungeon card. Come off it Francis! We know you won’t do that! Francis does tell Catherine she’d better be assured of the regency of Charles or she’ll end up with the rats. (Should I forget my history and think that this could happen? Oh, that’s right! This show doesn’t recognize history.)

Mary tries to get the English to allow her mother access to the pass for supplies by returning two generals. Of course, the English do not want this. They’re going to stave the old Queen out. As Mary storms out, Lord Nicholas the ambassador, makes a print of Mary’s secret code. Fortunately for Mary, she also has spies who see Nicholas pass the code and her mother wins. Nicholas doesn’t allow Mary to celebrate but I can’t reveal this yet. Let’s just say that Elizabeth has a surprise up her sleeve.

Catherine, on the other hand, isn’t having an easy time with Lord Clavell. After getting Claude to flirt with his son, Catherine learns that Clavell will never vote for her as regent. It seems that bad girl Catherine insulted Clavell’s family and ran over his daughter’s foot with the carriage. Oh no, the daughter died a year later from embarrassment and being rejected by a suitor. Methinks he doth gloat too much. Maybe it’s because he knows that Narcisse has a plan.

While Francis lies dying, Charles tells Mary and Francis he can’t rule. Charles knows that Bash has been hunting for Delphine. Nash has saved Delphine from the nuns at a convent who seem intent on burning the witch. While Nash needs healing, he gives in and lets Charles take Delphine to Francis. They arrive to find Francis gone and Mary in tears. Charles orders Delphine to heal Francis but Nash points out that there is always a price. (I thought I was watching Reign not Once Upon a Time). Mary promises her life if Francis lives. Delphine goes to Francis and he gasps and lives. Delphine dies. But at the same instant in Scotland old Marie of Guise dies also. Now Mary will have a real dilemma on her hands. Stay in France or go to Scotland to rule?

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Lola and Narcisse Honeymoon

As Lola starts to leave, she is confronted by Catherine. Of course, Lola sees Catherine as the one who put the rat in her bed. While Catherine plays cat to Lola’s mouse, it is Catherine who learns more than Lola. Narcisse interrupts and whisks Lola off to the country for wine and romance (gag) oh and thievery. He manages to steal land for a poor man and his daughter. Lola gets upset and Narcisse tells her that he did it for them! Of course, he did! He doesn’t want wealth. But his plan is sound. He’ll use this as a bargaining chip and control the regency.

Arriving at court, Narcisse finds that there is one problem with his scheme. Catherine has figured out that he’s the one who put the rat in Lola’s bath. Of course, that was one of the reasons she married Narcisse. Catherine has him in her power. If Narcisse doesn’t do what she says, Lola will learn the truth and leave him. She’ll probably do that anyway. Let’s face it! As a villain Narcisse is rather stupid.

England’s Elizabeth and Love

Elizabeth still loves Dudley and won’t marry anyone else. She’s not really given an opportunity when she learns that Francis is dying, so she agrees to meet with the Spanish prince, Don Carlos. Don Carlos is handsome and cunning. He pledges his love for Elizabeth and wonders if she will marry a Catholic. While Elizabeth vacillates, we know that she really has some scheme up her sleeve. The question is which one plays their cards first.

Robert Dudley isn’t happy and let’s Elizabeth know his feelings. He swears that she doesn’t need Don Carlos beside her on the throne. Then he plays on her vanity. He tells her that she can win her people’s support by making the people love her. Of course, Elizabeth has information he doesn’t know! His wife, Amy, has been spying on them and was the one who had Robert’s name suggested as ambassador for France. Dudley swears Amy doesn’t have his love and he will be true to Elizabeth. We all know how that turns out, don’t we? Of course, Dudley confronts Amy and orders her to the country but I’m sure she isn’t through yet. She’s a woman scorn and wants vengeance!

When Mary bests Elizabeth in Scotland, Elizabeth is told that she must accept Don Carlos’s proposal. Mary will remarry quickly after Francis’s death. Elizabeth, the mean girl, calls Don Carlos in for a meeting. New rumor circulating! Elizabeth is really a man. A servant has felt Elizabeth’s chin for razor stubble and now Carlos demands that Elizabeth proves that she is a woman. I won’t say how he demands it, but Elizabeth is insulted after the meeting. She knows Amy is behind it and tells Dudley so!

Dudley immediately storms into his rooms and accuses Amy of this latest insult to his love. Amy says it is old news so why should he blame her. Robert actually chokes Amy. Wait! That’s not how she dies. Oh, he stops and promises to be a better husband. Boy, he changes his tune quickly. But this story is about Mary not Elizabeth anyway. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is going to become the “golden queen” and not need any man beside her.

On the Next Episode of Reign:

While Francis looks well and Mary is happy, we know it cannot last for long. Has the experience changed Francis? Why is Mary screaming? Could Mary finally leave France or is someone arrive in that ship at the end? Turn in next time for more historic questions!

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