As it gets closer to the night of Annalise’s almost fatal shooting, suspicions surrounding the culprit begin to narrow down. With the case for the Hapstall siblings getting closer to becoming solved, tensions rise within team Keating causing bigger rifts between Bonnie and Annalise as well as Wes and Annalise. 

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Four Days Later

As Connor and Michaela try to leave, Wes and Laurel eaves drop on them. Wes with gun in hand ready to go.

Four Days Earlier

The gang is altogether at the house trying to find a way to connect Phillip, the Hapstall’s cousin, and now suspect number one, with a motive to the crime.

Meanwhile at court, Emily Sinclaire charges Nate with a new murder charge: Killing his wife. (She is just the worst kind of persistent) Annalise immediately goes to Nate’s house and runs into Eve who is in the middle of building Nate’s defense and tells Annalise not to worry.

Bonnie confronts Asher about his participation in the gang rape at his summer home, with Asher claiming he tried to stop it. He approaches her in court again and says that he tried to do something and Bonnie insists his waiting on the sidelines and having his dad take care of it doesn’t constitute helping.

Annalise confronts Emily Sinclaire in court and tells her that she’s “messing with the wrong bitch” and leaves behind a seething Sinclaire. This court house is to the Keating squad what Beverly Hills High was to the 90210 crew. It’s he playground of all their misdeeds. 

Annalise and team are in court with their new case; defending a client who is accused of badgering someone to death. 

Oliver Becomes an Honorary Member of Team Keating

Frank reaches out to Oliver for his help in solving the Hapstall case and invites himself to make himself at home at Annalise’s house. When Connor corners Frank, Frank assures him Oliver isn’t his type. (Oh Frank you sly devil, you!) Oliver tells Connor that he is not leaving, despite Connor’s protestations. When Annalise sees him, she thanks him for “saving their asses” numerous times. 

Michaela finds mystery DNA that isn’t linked to anyone at the Hapstall manor, they believe it to be Phillip’s and that it was possibly hidden on purpose by Sinclaire.

Laurel Wins One for the Team

Wes sneaks in to Nate’s case, Eve spots him and tells him to not hide. During the trial, with Nia’s nurse on the witness stand, Sinclaire gets the nurse to claim that it should be legal to let people who are terminally ill to die if that’s what they choose. When given the option to cross examine the witness, Eve does not, effectively losing Nate’s case. Wes goes back to Annalise and tells her of Eve’s actions and that it looks like Eve threw the case. 

Annalise questions Eve’s actions and she tells her that she didn’t cross examine the nurse on purpose, to keep her on their side. Eve assures Annalise that she has a long term plan for Nate and that his trial was a losing one from the beginning. 

Laurel finds outs that the prosecutor of Sharon Tidwell’s case has been sleeping with Sharon, which would give Annalise’s client an out. Laurel then uses her feminine wiles to entrap prosecutor Nelson’s doorman as a material witness in court, forcing the prosecutor to plead the fifth on the stand and thereby win Annalise’s case. Now this is the kind of pulse-quickening and fiercely clever law work that made Annalise and team worth cheering on! 

Laurel tries to confront Annalise about helping her win the case, she tells her that Annalise has her to thank for keeping the rest of them in line. Annalise tells her she knows that Laurel is keeping it all together

Nate and Eve are in her car preparing to take their plan to the next stage, which involves Nate going into the hospital and talking to the nurse that Eve mentioned was “on their side.” The next day in court, the toxicology report of Nia’s blood doesn’t include any of the pills that Nate “allegedly” gave her. The nurse at the hospital clearly doctored evidence to help Nate. 

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It’s Him

Eve asks Annalise about Wes and why she’s protecting him, and Annalise cryptically says “it’s him,” with Eve stating that Annalise is a good person. Wait, so are Wes and Annalise secretly related? (That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.)

Oliver tells Frank and Michaela of his plan to use Connor’s picture to lure Phillip into a date to try and steal evidence off of him. While Frank and Michaela are gung-ho about his plan, Connor is very clear about his disapproval. Meanwhile, Phillip continues to stalk Connor and Oliver on his laptop from his creepy blue lit room.

At home, Annalise is affronted by Bonnie who is livid at her for revealing to Asher her past. Annalise tells her that she did it to stop her from going to prison and because she loves her, and for the second time this season Annalise is told by Bonnie that she doesn’t love anyone. I’m starting to feel really bad for Annalise, she’s the figurative punching bag for her entire squad. Bonnie ends her conversation by saying that she wishes Annalise was dead…the timing here is just too convenient. 

After Laurel tells Annalise of Frank and Michaela’s plan, Annalise forces Frank to terminate their premature plan of action. As Frank, Laurel, Michaela, and Connor head back to the house, an innocent and unaware Oliver is followed inside his apartment by creepy-Hapstall-murder-suspect number one, Phillip.

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Four Days Later

Wes and Laurel stop Connor and Michaela from walking away. As they do, the body of Emily Sinclaire crashes to the ground in front of them. As the camera pans up past Wes and Laurel, Bonnie stands with her arms crossed at the top of the manor. (Bonnie as the killer seems to be too clean of an explanation for this show…there’s a misdirection happening here I just know it.)

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