It wouldn’t be a CW drama without a love triangle involving brothers. On the network’s new historical drama Reign, Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs play half-brothers with one very important thing in common: an attraction to the young Mary Queen of Scots.

'Reign' Interview: Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs Discuss The Royal Love Triangle

Who will win the heart of the fair queen? It’s too soon to tell, but BuddyTV was lucky enough to sit down with the two hunky stars at New York Comic Con to talk about the weird mixture that is Reign and the brothers connection to Mary. 

Check out the full interview below:

Highlights from the interview: 

  • Torrance Coombs admits the show isn’t making an extra effort to be accurately historical or period. “There’s something about the costumes, they’re a little tight in the shoulders. They give you a manly stance and gait.”
  • Toby Regbo was told to lead from the hips and point your thumbs outwards. “In reality you probably just look like the Fonz.”
  • Historically Torrance Coombs’ character Bash doesn’t exist, so there’s not much to research. Same with Toby, because in reality Francis was a weak child. “I get my character from the script rather than history.”
  • Reading the pilot script, Torrance said it was hard to imagine. “I wasn’t sure what we were going for. It was a surprise to me and a lot of people when we saw it all together.” There’s not really another show with the same mix as Reign
  • The pilot has to have everything in it, but the show has continued to develop and find it’s feet. 
  • Love triangle alert! The two boys grew up together and have each others backs, “and then Mary comes along and things get complicated.” Francis is very duty-minded and knows the engagement can be broken off at any time, so he tries to hold her at arm’s length.
  • Bash, meanwhile, is a little more of a “maverick.” Both Bash and Mary don’t really belong at the French Court. 
  • “I’m so annoyingly complicated,” Regbo says about his character Francis. “I can’t just say ‘hug me,’ I have to be complicated at all moments.” There is some bonding that will happen, but Francis will be torn between loving France and loving Mary.
  • The cast all lives really close to each other in Toronto, and they have a lot of fun and laughs.
  • There was a funny moment on set where Alan van Sprang, who plays King Henri, called Regbo his husband instead of his son. “Mary will be married to my husband!” and then the giggles set in. 

Reign premieres October 17 at 9pm ET on The CW.


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