This week on Supernatural, Castiel experiences all the ups and downs of being human. He hates sleeping and urinating, but he loves burritos and boobs. It’s possible human Cas is just Dean 2.0.

There’s also a lot more Samzekiel, who may not be such a great guy after all, and we learn that the leader of the evil angels is named Bart. I will be sorely disappointed if Dean doesn’t tell him to “Eat my shorts” when they meet.

Cas on the Run

Human Cas (using the alias Clarence) has taken up residence at a church’s homeless shelter, because it’s fun to stay at the YMCA. When the angels come looking for him, torturing and killing the priests in charge, Cas goes on the run, hanging out with hobos around a trashcan fire.

It’s fun to watch Cas learning about humanity, whether it’s eating toothpaste or staring at a woman’s cleavage as she walks down the street. Yup, Cas is a boob man. He’s also a smart man because, instead of using what little money he has to buy a delicious chili dog, he gets an anti-angel tattoo so they can’t track him.

Bad Bart

The angels, now led by Bartholomew, are coming together to search for Cas. Bart uses Reverend Buddy Boyle, a televangelist, to encourage his parishioners to say “Yes” to the angels. Of course not everyone is a suitable vessel, so sometimes the people explode.

Buddy has a lot of viewers, so getting his fans to become willing angel vessels is quite easy. But tracking Cas isn’t, so Bart hires a freelance reaper to find him. He suggests following the Winchesters, because that will obviously lead to Cas sooner or later.

The Search for Cas

At the start of the episode, Dean is still getting whiplash from Zeke suddenly taking over Sam’s body and then going away. Samzekiel warns about the angel faction targeting Cas, so the boys do a little research to find their friend.

They catch his scent quickly and they also figure out that the reaper Batholomew hired is following them, so they capture him and torture him for info, learning that Bart has taken over from Naomi. The reaper doesn’t provide any clues, but luckily Dean can just ask Samzekiel for help.

Cas Has Sex

Cas winds up in Detroit, which is a big trek from Colorado with no money. It’s also a tad confusing since he was supposed to go to the Men of Letters HQ in Kansas, which is between the two. Either way, he runs into April, a sweet lady who offers the homeless Cas a PB&J sandwich, a place to stay, and a bed to sleep in.

Indeed, while tending to his wounds, April puts the moves on Cas and he ultimately gets the message. The two make out and even have sex. Cas is a big fan, and is pleased to learn he did it correctly.

Like every one-night stand, the next morning is awkward. April is actually one of Bart’s reapers sent to track Cas down and pump him for information (sorry, I couldn’t resist that obvious pun). She ties him up and tortures him with the angel blade, though Cas tries to explain that he was an unwilling pawn in Metatron’s plot to evict the angels from Heaven. He also suggests that, since his Grace completed the spell, perhaps Cas is the key to undoing it and reopening Heaven.

Just then Sam and Dean kick in April’s door to save the day. The problem is that she stabs and kills Cas before Dean can kill her. However, we all know Cas isn’t really going to die. Samzekiel returns to heal Cas and bring him back to life.

I hope Supernatural doesn’t keep using Zeke as a deus ex machina, because this is the second week in a row where Sam gets knocked unconscious and his inner angel magically saves the day. Also, Dean’s awkward, fumbling lies to explain how Cas is still alive aren’t very convincing.

Zeke vs. Cas

The boys bring Cas back to the Men of Letters HQ, and he loves the water pressure and burritos. Cas also tells them about having sex, and Dean’s face lights up like a Christmas tree. Human Cas is like the world’s most awesome pet to Dean.

Usually that would be the end of the episode, but Supernatural adds another wrinkle. Samzekiel returns to tell Dean that Cas cannot stay there because it will attract the evil angel faction. I’m pretty sure Zeke is lying and there’s a much bigger reason why he doesn’t want Cas hanging around. Maybe he’s not the great, noble, generous angel he’s been claiming to be.

Whatever the deal is, Dean buys it and is forced to kick Cas out of their cool hideout. I guess this means Cas needs to find his own apartment. Hopefully with two sexy roommates, resulting in wacky situations and sexual innuendo.

Next week on Supernatural: Charlie is back and we get introduced to the land of Oz, which is part of the fairy realm. It also has Dorothy, the Wicked Witch and flying monkeys. I just pray it takes more than a bucket of water to kill her.

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