The CW’s Reaper returned to the small screen last week, though unfortunately for fans, the show’s Tuesday night timeslot is currently being filled with repeats. No need to fret, however, as the show’s brand-new and final pre-strike episodes are set to begin airing on Thursday, February 28 at 9pm. The time change pairs it with the network’s hit series, Smallville.

For those who want a sneak peek into Reaper‘s upcoming new episodes, read on for spoilers.

In the episode called “Unseen,” Sock (Tyler Labine) and Sam (Bret Harrison) decide to move into a condo together. Their electricity goes out, so they head next door to ask for help in looking for the breaker box. Their neighbors turn out to be a gay couple named Steve and Tony. The couple comes over to Sock and Sam’s place to flip the breakers and offers to replace the dead ones in the kitchen. While looking at the kitchen, Steve and Tony notice the boys’ empty fridge and say that they’ll be stocking it up with great food. They then invite Sam and Sock to have dinner with them that night.

Later in the evening, Sock and Sam find a vessel in the living room. They open it and find a cane, but instead of looking for the Hell escapee, decide to go to dinner first. As they go next door, they hear a sander running. At Steve and Tony’s place, Sock is offered some expensive scotch, and Sam spills something on his shirt during dinner. Steve accompanies Sam to the bathroom in order to use a stain removing pen on the shirt, and once there, Sam sees two belt sanders hanging inside.

It’s unclear at this time who the runaway soul (or souls, for that matter) is in this episode of Reaper. The spoiler for the next installment, however, gives a much clearer picture of who the soul is.

In the thirteenth and yet-to-be-named episode of Reaper, Sam, Sock and Ben chase a soul who is made of acid. When the soul was still alive, she was a beautiful woman who was extremely jealous of other females, and thus tried to destroy girls whom she believed were prettier than her. Because Sam is trying to stop her, the soul turns her attention to Sam, but eventually, he catches her with the vessel, a bottle of bubbles, and sends her back to Hell. In the process, Andi is injured and has to be brought to the emergency room. She comes out, however, with only a small bandage on her head, to the relief and joy of the guys.

According to SpoilerFIX, Episode 1.13 was the last to be completed before the strike.

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