Supernatural fans came out in droves to discuss our latest article debating whether or not Bela (Lauren Cohan) and Ruby (Katie Cassidy) are good additions to the CW series.  Whether you love them or hate them, it’s clear that BuddyTV users have strong opinions regarding the changes in the third season of the hit series.  Over 87 percent of you became addicted to the show due to the bond between Sam and Dean, and many of you have some harsh words for creator Eric Kripke now that the brothers are often distracted by “RuBela.”  Read on to see how BuddyTV users really feel about the new girls.

First, let’s start with those who want to banish Ruby and Bela to a distant hell dimension, as that seemed to be the wish of the overwhelming majority.  Braid7 summed up the feelings of many by stating:  “There’s a reason for the saying ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ yet time and time again I’ve seen a winning formula messed with by those who believe they know better.  Please, save us from these token one dimensional female characters (and from the horror of love interests in general!) and can we please concentrate on the demon hunting and the boys themselves….after all, that’s what we all signed up for!!!”

adastra also wants to get rid of the new blood:  “Kripke said recently that he thinks the new girl cast additions in Supernatural are ‘interesting’!  Is that’ interesting’ spelt with a T and an A?  Because they (especially Bela) are so badly written and badly acted they are making a mockery of this show.”

Other fans are so upset that they’re almost ready to give up on the series.  Deej1957 is “hanging on to season 3 by a slim thread — everything has changed this season:  the writing has gotten sloppy, the lighting has changed, the music is gone, it’s almost an entirely different show.  And Bela is the worst character I’ve seen on TV in a long time.  Don’t the writers WATCH thier own show?  They need to pay attention to what the viewers are saying before they find out we’ve all bailed.”

The recent changes in the show have even caused some fans to seek their hot TV men elsewhere. aizjanika wrote, “I was drawn into Supernatural by Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) almost exclusively, but the cool classic rock hasn’t hurt.  In season 3, we’ve pretty much had neither.  I’m fast losing interest in this show.  I’ve already forsaken Dean and found a new TV boyfriend on another show.”

However, not everyone is against Ruby and Bela.  pennylane01 thinks we should “get over it.  The Ruby character is a great addition to the show, she brings something that no other demon had before.  I think you are judging the character by the person who plays it.  A lot of people have a problem with Katie Cassidy, I myself don’t really know who she is and I don’t think she is doing a bad job.  I’m not really feeling the Bela character, but really people she’s only been in a couple of episodes so I’m willing to withhold my judgment until I see more of her.”

pennylane01 isn’t the only one, as ryuutchi is also “rooting for the girls.  I think that Ruby definitely brings a plot to the show and I love the way Bela makes Dean react.  The two female characters are interesting, and hardly overpower the meat of the show.”

No matter what you think of Ruby and Bela, it seems that most fans just want the quality of Supernatural to return to the level of the first two seasons.  A guest wrote that “I’ve been watching my DVDs of Season 1 and comparing them to Season 3 and it’s like comparing apples to oranges.  I think that Jensen and Jared are still top notch, but what happened to the writing?  Where did the intensity go?  Where’s the snappy dialogue?  Yes – female characters are necessary in a show with two single guys, but these two actresses annoy me.  No substance, no real presence, and no reason to be there except to fill the position of ‘eye candy’.  It’s hurting the show and obviously disappointing the fans.”

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– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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