Jennifer Morrison as Allison Cameron

Allison Cameron of FOX’s medical drama, House is played by Jennifer Morrison. Cameron is part of Dr. Gregory House’s team of specialists at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where she works as an immunologist. House once told her that he hired her based on her looks. He admired the fact that she still chose to pursue a medical career despite her being pretty, as other pretty girls would have used their beauty to get an easier job. House admired her dedication to the field, and thus hired her.

A hyperopic and atheist, Cameron is known for her kind heart, as she is honest, sincere and idealistic. Oftentimes, she feels forced to carry out House’s orders, as she is hesitant and unwilling to deceive their patients, as he usually instructs. Moreover, she doesn’t like being the bearer of bad news to their patients or their families but has proven to be effective in gaining the trust of her patients when it comes to diagnostic procedures.

During the show’s third season, however, she became more assertive as she showed that her loyalty to her boss did not falter despite his charges for alleged drug addiction.

Despite her good nature, Cameron has encountered darker times in her life. Her awkwardness in dealing with death came about from her previous experience of marrying a dying man when she was just 21 years old. Their marriage lasted for only six months, as her husband died of thyroid cancer.

Shortly after Dr. Chase was fired and Dr. Foreman resigned, Cameron was left as the sole member of House’s diagnostic medicine team and decided to resign from her post. She then took a job in the ER of the same hospital, and remained to be involved in House’s work. She admitted that she missed her old job, but did not want to go back.

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