Prison Break fans probably don’t need a reminder that their favorite show returns on Monday, January 14.  It’s been a long few months since the WGA cut off our season, leaving us to wonder what Michael’s fate would be as he was removed from Sona prison.  When we last left the show, The Company decided to take the escape into their own hands but things went terribly wrong when Michael physically stopped Whistler from getting out of Sona.  The Company had no choice but to abort their mission and the police decide that Michael is too much of a hassle to have in their prison any longer.  In the upcoming episode, “Boxed In”, we find out just what has become of Michael.  A new preview for the show’s winter episodes give us some more insight into what’s coming up and what we can expect!


We do know that Michael is taken to solitary confinement where he’ll have to talk his way out.  Sucre continues making deliveries to Sona and is approached by Susan with an offer.  T-Bag also makes an offer of his own – to Whistler – and Sofia doesn’t like it.  Mahone heads back to Sona but before he goes, Agent Lang has a parting gift for him.  A new character is introduced, a mysterious American woman, who needs to speak to Michael.  This new character is rumored to be the subject of a Prison Break spinoff featuring a women’s prison.

The video gives us some juicy information about life in Sona.  Bellick finds himself in a fight to the death in the prison yard while Lechero finds himself in the middle of a mutiny.  Michael decides to come clean with the new head of Sona and tell him that he’s been planning an escape the entire time.  It will be interesting to see if that is a smart move or not.  Susan uses LJ as a way to motivate Lincoln and lets the father and son reunite for one minute.  Michael does make his way back into the prison and picks right up where he left off: trying to break out.  He works to dig his way out with Lechero, Whistler, and Mahone. 

Due to the ongoing strike, Prison Break has decided to wrap up its season in February.  The State of the Union address will pre-empt the January 28th episode.  The Prison Break season 3 finale will now air on Monday, February 18th.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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