Last night’s finale of The Bachelor was one for the ages. After spending the entire season getting to know 25 lovely ladies in order to find the one he wants to be with forever, Brad Womack finally narrowed his choice down to the final two: Jenni Croft, the Phoenix Suns dancer, and DeAnna Pappas, the former bartender from Georgia. Fans of the show were shocked, shocked, shocked when in the final moments of the show, Brad decided not to propose to either of them. In fact, fully 76 percent of almost 2000 BuddyTV readers were surprised that he didn’t make a choice, and they were quick to post comments as well. Read on to see how BuddyTV readers felt about The Bachelor finale.

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PraiseHim said: I think he would have been better off with the Blonde gal who has been divorced before. Reason……….he…

trinagirl said: brad did a great acting job. everyone believed he had srong emotions for both ladies and definitely would c…

Realife said: This show is a setup for an outcome such as this. My first question is why would anyone want to put themsel…

wanted to know, “Why did he buy a ring if he was just going to send them both home?” Hopefully, Brad will answer that question on tonight’s The Bachelor reunion special. Another reader who will most likely be tuning in again tonight is jentxs who “rad on message board that he DOES propose and the girl accepts.” Perhaps that will happen tonight!

trichik was terribly disappointed in Brad’s behavior, but commended DeAnna for her backbone. “She made him squirm and didn’t just let him off the hook. . . . she is the picture of dignity and class in the face of heartbreak and adversity.”

Count KatieTanner among the many who were shocked at tonight’s show. While not entirely letting Brad off the hook, she did try to see things from his perspective. KatieTanner said, “I don’t know, but I would rather him know now that he doesn’t want to be with me now than to let me really fall for him and dump me like right before the wedding.” martinswife, who believes in the sanctity of marriage, echoed everything that KatieTanner wrote, but also included a piece of advice for Brad: “I hope you TiVod the shows and are able to sit down and watch them. Maybe you will then see what you don’t see now—-how you indeed did lead several women on.”

Some readers were not so forgiving, however. buddy119 wrote, “What a jerk. . . . No one’s going to want to date him after that.” And funtime agreed that “[Brad] was just getting some free booty on primetime TV. egytower added, “[Brad] wants fame in national TV. The Bachelor show is a total failure and should be cancelled.”

There are a number of Brad apologists out there. bachelorfan12345 said, “I commend him for having the courage to do what he did. Like he said in next week’s preview… it’s not his fault he didn’t fall in love. . . . Even if he knew 3 weeks ago that none of the girls were right for him he had no choice… he had a contract and he had to carry it out till the end.”

Likewise, there are the fans of the show who criticize Brad’s bachelorettes. Darley is “having a hard time understanding why you all (and anyone else) would feel sorry for any of the girls — didn’t they volunteer to be in this situation? . . . The ONE who came close to being smart about everything was BETTINA.” ingagogo added, “[Both girls] are classless. I couldn’t believe Jenni’s whining. And actually I was thrilled by the ending.”

I think the thing that needs pointing out the most is that Brad has a twin brother named Chad. Would that I were making this up! However, I will leave you with momof2girls‘ exhortation to mothers the world around: “As a mother of two grown girls, I’m just feeling very sick about what these young women had to go through in such a public way. This man lied to them and about them on national television. Mothers, you need to be sure your daughter never goes on this show. I will never watch this show again!”

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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