In last week’s episode, Caleb and Miranda visited a small chapel and found a hidden list of names made up of everyone who signed the original pact. But the names on the list did not match up with their generation of the Cursed Five. Mama Matheson was arrested for Papa Matheson’s murder, but Collins got her released on bail. And Dillon told Luke that he made a deal to save himself from the curse — a deal that meant putting Olivia in his place.

In this week’s season 1 finale, “My Haunted Heart,” Hanna comes to town, Remy goes missing and Papa Matheson’s murderer is unmasked. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.

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The Love Triangle Resumes

Since Caleb ended things with next to no explanation whatsoever — sorry, Caleb, but “It’s complicated” was never going to cut it — Hanna shows up in Ravenswood to confront her ex and the girl she believes stole him from her. Caleb’s stunned reaction to Hanna’s unexpected drop-in is adorable, and the lingering looks shared between the two prove that things are far from over for the former couple. But where does that leave Miranda?

When Hanna pushes Caleb about Miranda’s whereabouts, Caleb tells her the truth. Hanna is visibly upset when she learns that Miranda is dead and asks why Caleb did not mention this when he came to Rosewood to break up with her. Caleb explains that Miranda still needs his help with some unfinished business, something he knows because he can talk to her. Hanna starts to think her ex has lost his mind, since he is now talking to a ghost. Caleb tries to get her to understand, but Hanna excuses herself to get some air.

Will Hanna Have Her Own Supernatural Experience?

After hearing Caleb’s tale of his ghost friend, Hanna runs into Mrs. Grunwald. She tells Grunwald what Caleb said about communicating with Miranda, and Grunwald tries to get Hanna to understand that things work a bit differently in Ravenswood. She encourages Hanna to stick around for a little longer, presumably so she can get some first-hand experience with the spooky-dos of the town and maybe understand why Caleb is now “crazy as a bag of cats.” In case any of you do not watch Pretty Little Liars, yes, Hanna is always this hysterical.

Hanna does stay in town, and when Caleb leaves her alone for a moment, she is approached by creepy Max, who tries to lure Hanna away to meet her “friend,” but Caleb gets to them before Max can do anything to Hanna. Hanna mentions to Caleb that she saw creepy Max the last time she was in Ravenswood, but she does not realize that creepy Max is creepy. I wonder which “friend” Max was taking Hanna to see.

Later, Hanna decides to take a bath in the same bathtub Caleb was attacked in during the pilot episode. As Hanna is relaxing in the tub, a creepy spider crawls its way toward her and I begin to freak out. Caleb realizes that Hanna is in the tub and he tries to get her to come out before she can get attacked by the tub spirit. Hanna gets out and Caleb gets a text about Remy’s disappearance — but more on that later. With Hanna safe from the tub spirit, Caleb runs off to help his friends, and Hanna remains mostly clueless about Ravenswood’s supernatural element.

Miranda and Hanna Bond … Kind Of

One of my favorite moments from this week’s episode is a scene between Hanna and Miranda. Though Hanna cannot see Miranda and doesn’t really believe she is still around, Hanna starts talking to her as a way to work through her confused thoughts about Caleb.

Hanna tells Miranda that she thought Caleb had fallen in love with Miranda, given the things Caleb told Hanna when he returned to Rosewood. Miranda’s heart grows about 10 sizes at the thought that Caleb might return her feelings, but she also knows that Caleb loves Hanna. Miranda suggests to Hanna — who cannot hear her — that she should leave town so Caleb will know she is safe. Miranda promises to protect Caleb until he can return to Hanna. 

Even though the girls do not really interact, their one-sided conversation confirms what we knew from their original meeting in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special: Hanna and Miranda would be great friends if they spent any real time together.

As a fan of Caleb’s relationship with Hanna, I would love to see those two work things out, so I am a bit biased on the love triangle front. However, I have also enjoyed Caleb’s interaction with Miranda and I think the actors have excellent chemistry, so I find myself feeling torn. Luckily, the twist at the end of the finale might solve that problem for me.

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Papa Matheson’s Killer is Revealed

Before Hanna’s arrival, Remy tells Caleb and the others about the conversation she had with Abaddon in her dream. She says that Abaddon asked who was helping them, but she thinks he was asking about someone other than Miranda. Since the bloody-eyed spirit of a boy led Remy to Dillon once before, the others agree that they should figure out who this bloody-eyed boy is and what he is trying to tell them.

Remy and Luke identify the boy — Ryan — as one of the Cursed Five of his generation. They show Olivia a picture of Ryan and she remembers seeing him once before, when he showed her the fire in the school lab. Remy thinks they need to be in the place where something went down in order for Ryan to show them what happened. Luke believes that certain places have echoes of the events that happened there and this gives Olivia an idea. If they go to the place where Papa Matheson was killed, maybe Ryan will show them his killer.

The trio head to Papa Matheson’s office and Ryan arrives to show them Papa Matheson’s final moments. As Luke and Olivia watch via some sort of past echo-vision, Dillon arrives at Papa Matheson’s office and murders him. Once the vision ends, Remy finds a book Dillon knocked over the night of the murder. Inside the book is a bloody fingerprint, which is Dillon’s, and the blood is Papa Matheson’s. Presumably, this will prove that Dillon was involved in Papa Matheson’s murder. They call the cops and tell them to check out the crime scene again.

Dillon Kidnaps Remy

Knowing that his time is running out, Dillon stalks and later kidnaps Remy as a way to lure in the rest of the Cursed Five. After Remy is taken, Olivia gets a text from Remy’s phone and it is a picture of the chapel. All the kids go to the chapel to rescue Remy, not realizing that Dillon set them up. Dillon traps them in the chapel and the craziness begins.

After some nifty light effects, the creepy spider lady appears and transforms into Abaddon, who says the debt must be paid and tells Miranda that he can give her what she wants. Abaddon tells Miranda that her death does not need to be permanent and he starts chanting in the same language used in the original pact. Miranda starts to pass out and Caleb catches her. Though Miranda is ice cold, she is seemingly being brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Dillon flees the chapel and runs into creepy Max. She claims she likes him and wants to help him get away. Dillon is not the brightest crayon in the box, so he follows creepy Max and she leads him straight onto the train tracks, just as a train approaches. So long, Dillon. You will not be missed.

Why do you think creepy Max leads Dillon to his death? Did he buy her the wrong ice cream flavor or something? And why is Hanna able to see creepy Max when Olivia seemingly couldn’t? What is Max anyway? Is she a ghost or a demon or something else entirely?

Collins is Not a Bad Guy

When Remy disappears, Caleb confronts Collins, assuming he is in on everything with Dillon. But Caleb soon realizes that Collins does not know that Dillon killed Papa Matheson, so maybe he is not working with Dillon after all. Collins then opens up to Caleb about his connection to the curse. He explains that the men of his family have always been undertakers and they have always kept the essence of the children of the pact, until the contract was complete.

Caleb asks why Collins has never done anything about the pact and he says that everyone who has tried to change things or end the curse has wound up dead. Miranda notices that he clearly feels guilty about not getting a chance to know her before she died and she tells Caleb to leave Collins alone.

When Collins realizes that he has the chance to help Miranda now, he shows up at the chapel as Abaddon is trying to bring Miranda back. Collins breaks the resurrection attempt, saying that Abaddon is only bringing back Miranda to life so he can kill all of the Cursed Five at the same time. Apparently, that is the only way to complete the curse.

Abaddon grabs Miranda and tries to continue with her resurrection, but Collins pulls out a jar and says he realized something. He knows that the two of them together are far more powerful than Abaddon and he breaks the jar. Abaddon releases Miranda — still in her ghost form — and disappears, seemingly frightened of whoever Collins released from the jar. Luke reads the name on the jar and it is Caleb Rivers, the original. Collins tells Miranda that there is a way for her to come back, but not like this.

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Two Happy Couples?

After his exciting evening, Caleb has to say goodbye to Hanna as she heads back to Rosewood. Hanna still does not know if she believes everything Caleb said, but she knows he makes her happy. They kiss and Hanna leaves, taking Caleb’s heart with her.

Miranda witnesses the interaction between Caleb and Hanna, and it breaks her own heart. While Original Miranda may have been the love of Original Caleb’s life, present Caleb is still clearly in love with his ex. And since Miranda is still a ghost, what kind of future could she and the still-alive Caleb have anyway?

As a heartbroken Miranda sits alone, Original Caleb makes his first appearance in the present day. Original Caleb rushes to Miranda’s side, asking if it is really her. As Miranda realizes that she can touch Original Caleb, we get another flashback of Original Miranda promising to love Original Caleb for eternity. And thus, we end the first season with the question of whether Miranda will abandon her unrequited love for present Caleb and fall for Original Caleb instead.

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What did you think of the season 1 finale? Does Original Caleb’s appearance mean that we can have both Caleb/Hanna and Caleb/Miranda? Where does that leave Original Miranda? Will she return too, or is our Miranda somehow the same girl? With the show’s future in question — as of now, there has been no news of a renewal, though I wouldn’t bet against it — did you appreciate the answers this episode gives us?

All of the kids are safe, for the moment, and we know that Miranda can be brought back to life. If the show does not return, I think this is a pretty satisfying ending. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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