It took 4 seasons for Castle and Beckett to become a couple. After years of hidden feelings on his part and denial on her part, they finally gave in to their love.

Now in the midst of Castle season six their impending marriage has become a focal point for the show. Usually in TV land when a couple finally gets together or gets married it means their happiness will be short lived. The old saying goes– happy couples don’t make for good television. Personally, I believe that some TV couples are better together and Castle and Beckett are one of them. To prepare for what will hopefully lead to their big day, here are giving 5 reasons these two should get married.

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1. Some TV Couples are Better Together

Meredith and Derek, Pam and Jim, Chuck and Blair, Luke and Lorelai are all examples of TV couples who are better together. What these four couples (and now Castle and Beckett) have in common is they’re most interesting as a couple. 

Take Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair for example, their intense passion, fighting, scheming and lust brought them together. It is also what made them exciting and interesting as a couple. When apart, every relationship they had failed.Their characters had more appeal together, than apart because of that intense connection. Castle and Beckett are better together for a different reason than the Gossip Girl couple. 

As opposed to the intense relationship of Chuck and Blair, Castle and Beckett’s is all love and solving crimes. They have a connection that can’t be denied. A look says so much with these two. The glances they share speak volumes. They are a couple that doesn’t need to express their feelings through words. She accepts him for the goofy, sometimes out there, kind of boyish man he is, while he accepts her for the serious, smart, classy, kind of tight women she is. Not only do they accept each other, they compliment each other. Castle has made Beckett a little less serious, while she has made him a little more serious. It is cliche but they bring out the best in each other. Remember the surprise birthday party she threw for him last season? Castle got a party, with a little mystery on the side while he was stuck at home. Kate got to do something special for her man. The excitement on her face when Castle walked through the door to find a party in his honor–as opposed to a crime scene–is one of pure love and happiness for her significant other. 

 2. Married Couple Storylines are Endless

It doesn’t have to be the end of good storytelling because a couple says “I Do”. The storyline possibilities are actually endless. From whether or not to have a baby, to actually having a baby, to moving in together, to blending a family, those few ideas can give a show multiple storylines to play out. That is just the tip of the iceberg; a show can go years with married couple issues. 

Look at how the storylines for Crosby and Jasmine on Parenthood have grown since they got together and then married. They have dealt with in-law issues, having a new baby, her career, buying a home and all have been executed in a fun, entertaining way. This is one couple that is so not boring. They are actually more interesting now because the whole will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic is over and it wasn’t drawn out. You want to see them go the distance and that is how Castle and Becket are. 

In Castle Season 5 the two played parents for an episode and fans got a glimpse as to what life with a baby would be like for the couple. Kate was very skittish around the baby, while taking care of a baby was second nature to Castle. A layer was added to the depth of each character that has never been seen before. Will Beckett be able to overcome her not so maternal instincts to have a child with Caste? I don’t know but I sure would like to find out. There is also the lingering story of how their parents don’t necessarily click. Blending these two families will be quite entertaining for fans, while challenging for the couple. Can you image the spending the holidays with the expanding Beckett/Castle clan? Plus the whole relationship between Alexis and Kate has yet to really be explored. Having a step parent is not easy, even if you are grown, and their relationship will no doubt impact that of Castle and Beckett. None of that sounds boring or dull and sounds more intriguing than a break up and seasons of waiting to see if they will ever reunite. 

3. The Chemistry Factor 

If you have a couple with amazing chemistry it can’t be hidden. The chemistry will always be there, it is probably why fans rooted for the couple in the first place. That being said, to try and squash that chemistry or ignore it is not believable. 

Castle and Becket have amazing chemistry. Since day one the second they met sparks were flying. Sure he annoyed her and she didn’t want him there but the sparks were there. From their witty banter, to gazing glances, to their ability to be so in sync when solving a crime, Castle and Beckett click. It is what made them great working partners and what makes them a great couple. Have you ever noticed how when they are in the groove trying to solve a case their words and thoughts feed off each other? That my friends is chemistry. To go back to just working together or being friends would not be believable at all. In fact, it could be the downfall and insulting to the viewer. 

Simply put– a couple with good chemistry is worth saving. When Rachel and Ross broke up on Friends it was easier to believe they went back to being friends because there was no chemistry. In fact they were better as friends than as a couple. There were no sparks, no excitement, no loving glances with Ross and Rachel, just words. It doesn’t matter what is said: if the chemistry is not there, the words are not believable. I personally never really believed Rachel was into Ross. It was a relationship created out of convenience–he was there so she went for it. He had better chemistry with Emily than Rachel and she had better chemistry with Tag than Ross. Granted Ross and Rachel did end up together when Friends ended. They may not have had the chemistry Castle and Beckett do but Ross and Rachel were meant to be in the end. 

4. The Inevitable Couple Break-Up Is So Yesterday 

The formula for a good love story has always been boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy looses girl. It is the formula for television, movies, heck even a good country song has it. However these days it is too predictable. The formula needs to be shaken up a little. Do something different, take a chance and stand out. 

Sometimes the formula can actually hurt a show too. Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls are the perfect example of how breaking up a beloved couple can hurt a show. Breaking up these two sealed the fate of an already drowning show. The entire last season was horrible. Having Lorelai and Luke break up, then immediately pairing her with Christopher was a slap in the face to L&L fans. Plus it was completely out of character for all three. Luke pined for Lorelai for years, then they get engaged and he throws it all away because of a long lost daughter? He shut her out and risked losing her, something that was very unlike his character and not believable at all. As for the forced Christopher/Lorelai pairing–it was ridiculous. It was out of character to have her go ruining into his bed because Luke was pushing her away, much less marry him. The entire show dynamic was changed the last season and it did not fall in line with the core of the show. If Castle and Beckett break up there is a very good chance the core show dynamic will change. 

Chances are he won’t work for the NYPD and if that is the case what is the point of the show? That was the whole premise from the get go. Even if they still work tougher it won’t be the same. There will be no friendship, no banter and no connection. A forced work relationship will replace the loving connection they currently share. Their characters will no doubt be changed, different, it could be a good change but I find that hard to believe. 

5. Why The Heck Not 

Why the heck shouldn’t they get married? As an invested fan I can’t think of a good reason. However if you can think of one I would love to hear your thoughts.

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