All robots are not like Dorian in the world of Almost Human. In “Unbound,” a deactivated killer robot found a new life and wreaked havoc around town. Initially, her mission was unclear, but as the secrets unraveled an even bigger threat was exposed. And, the existence of a mysterious wall with a seemingly unpleasant life on the other side was revealed

Killer Bot

A masked person stole a woman’s purse and gunned her down on the busy street. The police chased the suspect and when he wouldn’t put down his gun, the police pounded him full of bullets. 

When they took off his mask, the perpetrator was revealed to be an android. It was a killer bot that was programmed to rob and kill the woman. The police made sure the bot was disabled and put it into the storage locker. 

Only that was just the first part of the killer bot’s mission.


The bot automatically rebooted and activated to complete its mission. All along the plan was for the bot to be put into the evidence locker and get where the criminals didn’t have access.

The bot located the XRN’s head and replaced it for its own. The XRN took over control and stole guns, ammunition and more then escaped from the police department. The apprehension of the reactivated and escaped XRN became top priority.

Prior to being captured, the XRN had kept the cops in stand-off for three days and killed many officers. It was such an embarrassment the police department that Dorian couldn’t find a single mention of “XRN” in the police database. 

Kennex believed that the Syndicate was behind her escape. She was what they were after when they attempted to raid the evidence locker and failed. She was armed, dangerous, and on the loose.


The XRN was also known as Danika. She needed to get a new body since the bot that broke her out was only a temporary option. She headed to her maker, Dr. Vaughn, to get new body. He didn’t have a lab, but she was able to find a new body and get up.

Then she continued on her mission. She attacked a man and cut out his eye. Ugh!

She used the eye to break into a lab and steal something. And, of course, she shot the man there. No hesitation or remorse. It was as if she had orders to kill anyone she encountered. Until she was told she was pretty. Interesting.

Meeting Dr. Vaughn

Dorian met his maker and it was quite a reunion. It was like a father being reunited with the son who he thought was dead. Dr. Vaughn held Dorian’s head like a caring father. And, it went the other way too.

Dorian showed he had emotions. It was a touching moment. When Dr. Vaughn shared regret and difficulty dealing with his legacy as the maker of a killer robot, Dorian tried to comfort him. 

Dorian’s words encouraged Dr. Vaughn to help track the escaped Danika, but he needed access to his old equipment. Kennex and Dorian took him to Rudy’s lab to find what he needed. 

Rudy admired Dr. Vaughn and fanboy’d out a bit when they were introduced. Dr. Vaughn’s project may have gone wrong, but he was a brilliant man who appeared to have good intentions. He developed the DRN and XRN because he wanted to create lives.

Synthetic Souls

The DRN and XRN models are different from other bots because Dr. Vaughn gave them synthetic souls. Dorian questioned the doctor about what made him different from Danica. He was clearly worried about going “crazy” himself. Was Dorian different?

The Real Mission

It was all a ruse. Dr. Vaughn was behind all of it. He used his faceless killer bot to get Danica out so she could still the ZNA processing cores. And, he used her breakout to infiltrate the investigation and get his hands on the synthetic souls.

Dr. Vaughn was able to track Danica, but he lied about Kennex’s ability to disable her by giving her a shot in the back of her neck. She was sent to attack John Hart’s campaign event, but that was also a ruse. 

Hart was the one who wanted the DRNs decommissioned and ordered MXs to replace them, but the attack was to give Dr. Vaughn the time he needed to escape with the souls and to pick up the processors where she left them.

In the end, the Dr. Vaughn’s plan was a success. Danica knew she was being sacrificed, but she put up a good fight. She found Hart, but Dorian stopped her from killing the politician. It was a pretty epic fight. DRN vs. XRN! Until Dorian got impaled by rebar.

Danica almost killed Kennex, but he outsmarted her by pulling the pin out of a grenade in her vest. She was taken out in style. Kennex used his synthetic leg to propel her into the elevator. Boom!

Danica was taken out, but Dr. Vaughn was still out there with the necessary supplies to create an army of Danicas. And, he left a confused and betrayed Dorian behind.

The Wall

A new mystery was introduced — The Wall. Why wouldn’t anyone intelligent enough to create the advanced robot be on the other side of the wall? What’s over there? And, why was Maldanado convinced that Dr. Vaughn wouldn’t head there either?

It must be pretty bad on the other side. We’ll have to wait to find out what it’s all about!

Almost Human airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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