Ranking the 21 Best TV Kisses of 2013

  • Dec 18, 2013
  • Buddy TV

Every year, television couples suck face like there’s no tomorrow. But when lips and tongues are flying left and right, what makes a kiss stand out from the pack? Obviously, it has to look good — nothing kills the romance of a kiss like watching two people look like they are trying to eat each other’s faces. But it also needs to have meaning, for the characters, as well as the audience. Here are 21 kisses from the past year that touched the heart and had us hitting the rewind button over and over again.

Top Tear-Jerking Moments of 2013 I All Best of 2013

#21 Crixus and Naevia, Spartacus

“I do not deserve a woman such as you.” In one of their final scenes together, Crixus talked about all the things he wished for the woman he loved, but Naevia said all that mattered was that she got to choose her own path in life. Naevia also told him that he was the only man worthy of the woman she had become and they shared a loving kiss before being interrupted with more pressing matters.


#20 Marcel and Rebekah, The Originals

Rebekah paid Marcel a visit on her way out of town and they chose to say goodbye in a more-than-friendly way. With Marcel at war with Rebekah’s family, their love seemed doomed, but the chemistry and connection they share keeps drawing them back together. As long as it includes kissing, I don’t care what form their relationships takes in the future.

Marcel and Rebekah, The Originals

#19 Duke and Jennifer, Haven

These two had an easy, instantaneous connection that managed to remain strong despite the Troubles and the fact that one of them always seemed close to leaving town. When they finally got their timing right, they celebrated with their first official kiss.


#18 Caleb and Hanna, Pretty Little Liars

Worried about their new friend Miranda, Hanna asked Caleb to stay behind in Ravenswood to look after her. Hanna kissed Caleb goodbye and shippers everywhere prayed that their love was strong enough to survive Caleb’s time on the spin-off.


#17 Don and Sloan, The Newsroom

Sloan knew Don was a good guy long before he knew it himself, but when he created a fake bidding war over an autographed copy of her book, she knew he was the guy for her. Their first kiss was sexy and a little awkward, just like them.

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#16 Wade and Zoe, Hart of Dixie

High on anxiety pills that made him see the truth, Wade kissed Zoe. Though Zoe was surprised by the kiss, she fell into it like it was second nature. While the former lovers may not be headed for a reunion anytime soon, their feelings for one another were never more obvious.


#15 Alex and Jo, Grey’s Anatomy

Alex never had the best luck in the relationship department and he was not looking to fall in love when he met Jo. But as they got to know one another, it became obvious that their connection went past that of a good friendship. After a season of build-up, Alex and Jo finally admitted they loved each other and shared a kiss worthy of their slow-burn romance.


#14 Carter and Reese, Person of Interest

“You changed my mind, Joss. You changed me.” After comparing battle wounds, Reese opened up about his closest call, when he had fallen so low he considered taking his own life. Carter asked him what changed his mind and he reminded her of the moment she came into his life. Their first kiss was sweet, unexpected and completely unscripted. It was also their last.


#13 Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl

After two seasons of misunderstandings and broken hearts, Bo and Lauren were finally ready to trust each other again. Bo told Lauren it was time to give their relationship a real shot and Lauren kissed her in a way that made all the lies and bad timing fade from memory.


#12 Adam and Ingrid, Witches of East End

When Ingrid learned that the consequence of a spell she cast was that someone she loved would die, she pushed Adam away to save his life. But in a moment of pure joy and relief, Ingrid stopped worrying about the curse and let herself get caught up in Adam’s kiss. Alas, the kiss cemented Ingrid’s love for Adam and cost him everything.

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#11 Hook and Emma, Once Upon a Time

Trust did not come easy between this pair, but when Hook saved her father’s life, Emma was grateful. Hook used Emma’s gratitude to challenge her into an intense — if slightly inappropriate — kiss. Emma claimed it was a one-time thing, but their growing feelings for one another would suggest otherwise.


#10 Will and Alicia, The Good Wife

Alicia and Will spent 4 seasons dancing around their feelings for one another. With several weighty decisions resting on her shoulders, Alicia got caught up in rekindled feelings for her ex-lover and the two shared a steamy kiss. Alas, this kiss may ultimately turn out to be their last, given that Alicia’s decision to start her own firm has caused potentially permanent damage to her relationship with Will.


#9 Alex and Sean, Nikita

“What I was trying to say is the thing that matters to me the most, is you.” Thanks to Amanda’s programming, Alex staged a mutiny that led to Sean getting shot while trying to protect her. With time running out, Alex told Sean what he meant to her and they shared one final kiss.


#8 Ben and Leslie, Parks and Recreation

“I love you and I like you.” Ben and Leslie’s wedding was absolutely perfect, complete with a montage of their romantic history as they said their vows. Poor Jerry didn’t even get out the phrase “kiss the bride” before they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.


#7 Matt and Rebekah, The Vampire Diaries

Matt had a difficult time trusting Rebekah after she caused him to drive off a bridge and almost drown. But Rebekah spent an entire season making up for her actions and everything changed when she saved his life. Having your first kiss while one of you is standing on an explosive device is probably not the best option, but these two made it work.


#6 Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead

With their group preparing for war with the Governor, Glenn decided he did not want to spend another day without letting Maggie know how much he loved her. Glenn proposed simply by handing Maggie a ring. She said yes, they kissed and then went straight back to battle preparation. Such is love in the zombie apocalypse.

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#5 Miles and Rachel, Revolution

Things were complicated between this pair when they shared their first on-screen kiss, but with Rachel about to set off on a probable suicide mission, Miles made his move. Never one for words, Miles decided to pour all of his confused feelings for his deceased brother’s wife into a passionate goodbye kiss. Words are overrated, anyway.


#4 Nick and Jess, New Girl

Nick/Jess fans got a fantastic surprise early in the year when their favorite “will-they-or-won’t-they” couple finally crossed that line with their first kiss. It was a turning point for the show and as far as first kisses go, this one was good enough to land on our Sexiest First Kisses list back in February.


#3 Bonnie and Jeremy, The Vampire Diaries

These two did not have an easy time of it in season 4 and just when things were starting to go their way, tragedy struck. Death had separated them once and it was about to happen again. Instead of telling Bonnie how he felt, Jeremy showed her, with what he believed would be their last kiss.


#2 Michael and Nikita, Nikita

Not wanting Michael to know the truth — that he had been exposed to a deadly nano-toxin and she would have to make a deal with the devil to save him — Nikita kissed Michael and said she wanted to get married right away. They celebrated with another kiss and Michael went off to make plans for their future while Nikita geared up for a deadly mission.


#1 Eleven and River, Doctor Who

The best kiss of the year was courtesy of the Doctor and the echo of his wife. Despite the Doctor’s hatred of endings, he gave River the goodbye she wanted, sealed with a kiss full of love and longing. If we do not get another scene with these two before Matt’s run as the Eleventh Doctor comes to an end, this was a fantastic send-off. This is our #1. Disagree, vote for your favorite here>>>


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