Supernatural is entering the final five episodes of season 12, and with them will come a bunch of familiar faces. The Winchesters have a lot to deal with between Lucifer’s baby and the British Men of Letters, but they’ll get some help from old friends and trouble from old enemies.

In the May 4 episode, “Twigs and Twins and Tasha Banes,” Sam and Dean help fellow Hunters Max and Alicia find their missing mother. Fans first met these two earlier this season in “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.” Alicia and Max are twins, the children of a Hunter (the late Asa Fox) and a good witch. They were a fun pair the first time around with an interesting backstory, and now they get to join the official list of Winchester friends.

Things will be less pleasant for the Winchester family in the May 11 episode, “There’s Something About Mary,” when Lady Toni Bevell returns. The psychotic member of the British Men of Letters shot and tortured Sam at the start of season 12, and with Mick Davies dead, she’ll be back to cause havoc. In the episode, Sam and Dean will learn that American Hunters are dying mysteriously, so they try to find Mary. But Mama Winchester is busy facing off with Lady Toni.

Finally, the most trusted and reliable ally of the Winchesters, Sheriff Jody Mills, will be back in the penultimate episode, the first half of the two-hour season 12 finale on May 18. That episode is sure to have some heated exchanges thanks to a photo tweeted by one of the show’s producers, Jim Michaels. Fans who can zoom in and read the text on the script in the photo, from episode 22, can see that Dean is talking to his mom about the deal she made with Azazel. That’s digging up very old skeletons.

It’s certainly going to be a tough battle for Sam and Dean in these final episodes of season 12, fighting wars on two fronts. Hopefully Mary and Jody Mills can help out.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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