The twists and turns kept coming last time on Quantico. In the aftermath of the terror attack in New York, Alex’s mother went on television to urge her daughter to turn herself in. Alex turned to her friend from training, Simon, who told Alex that he worked for a tech start-up after he was kicked out of Quantico. That was a little white lie since Simon got a call from the FBI Executive Assistant Director as Alex was waiting for her “friend” in his living room.

In this episode of Quantico, titled “Kill,” the NATS take part in a hostage rescue exercise, which has Alex second-guessing her abilities. Since everyone is hiding something, what secrets will be exposed next?

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Under Pressure

Alex has a terrifying nightmare of when she shot her father. She channels her emotions into some actual physical therapy by hitting the gym. Alex comes back to find the recruits being roused from their beds for a pre-dawn gun test. Alex gets a perfect target, which causes Nathalie and Shelby to question whether Alex will burn out before the end of the program.

Assistant Director of the Training Division Miranda Shaw asks Rayna why her sister hasn’t been coming to class. Rayna says that Nimah has been ill, but Shaw is concerned that the stress may be getting to Nimah.

Special Agent Liam O’Connor tells Ryan that his assignment is over. Alex is being flagged as unfit for the FBI, so Ryan no longer needs to watch her. All Ryan has to do is persuade Alex to quit the FBI.

Confidence or Foolishness

The next exercise is hostage rescue. Miranda wants to put the trainees in high-stress situations to see how they react under pressure. Welcome to Hogan’s Alley, which is a model of a small town with homes, businesses and actual people staffing them. Elias is thrilled to be partnering up with Simon so he can try and get inside his head. Really, why is Elias so obsessed with Simon? Anyway, the recruits will be using simulated weapons. 

Alex goes ahead of her team, even though she was instructed not to. When Shelby confronts her on it, Alex responds that she got the win for the team. Shelby wants to know what is wrong with Alex and what was in her father’s FBI file. Alex counters that she still doesn’t know who Shelby makes those late night phone calls to or who she e-mails when she thinks no one is watching. 

Next up for the recruits is a hostage situation with eight robbers and 12 hostages in a building. As Alex heads off to get her equipment, Liam reminds Ryan to give Alex “a little push. She’ll go over the edge.”  As they await instructions, Shelby asks Ryan if he knows what is wrong with Alex. Ryan misunderstands and spills the beans that Alex shot her father. Yikes! Alex and Ryan are paired together to go through the front door. 

Failing is Easy

Ryan persuades Alex to take the elevator against her better judgement. Liam tells Ryan over an ear piece to let Alex get shot. Ryan tells her it is all clear as she rounds the corner. She has a flashback of her mother and father arguing, and she freezes. After all the members of her team are hit, Liam rushes over to scold Alex for being responsible for her whole team being killed because of her recklessness. Alex tells Ryan that she is going to quit because “the people around me die.”

Meanwhile, Miranda tracks down Nimah. She tells Nimah that she needs both her and her sister at Quantico. Miranda also confides in Nimah how her son was recruited by extremists and planned an attack on his high school. She was able to stop him and get his charges reduced, but he is up for parole. A tearful Miranda admits that she hopes her son doesn’t get parole. She also reveals that she needs Nimah and Rayna to work together to bring down terror cells on U.S soil. Nimah returns to Quantico and surprises Rayna. Rayna now is the one with doubts about spending her life as one agent. Nimah tells her sister that they are a strong unit and that Miranda needs them. 

Simon Says Stop

Elias stops by Simon’s room with the breaking information that the organization Simon said he worked for in Gaza has never heard of him. A weary Simon asks his foe when this relentless process will end. Elias wonders if Simon is faking being gay to win his spot as a recruit. Elias invites Simon to tell him the truth or wait until he presents his facts to Miranda and Liam. The analyst is convinced that Simon is the most dangerous type of traitor of all. 

Alex arrives to Miranda’s office and finds her waiting with Ryan and Alex’s father’s FBI folder. Alex admits that she froze because she saw her father’s face. Miranda tells Alex that her father had a bad reputation as a drunk who threatened Sita, Alex’s mother, on several occasions. Miranda assures Alex that she did the right thing by shooting her father and saving her mother’s life. Liam, who is walking by, is not pleased to see Miranda giving Alex a pep talk.

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Friends After All

Back at the dorm, Shelby invites Alex to play “two truths and a lie.” Shelby explains that the secret phone calls are to her half-sister and that she told the FBI she had no contact with her. Alex confesses to Shelby that she shot her father and that she considers Shelby her friend.

Alex stops to thank Ryan for doing what he did for her. Things get a little sexy between the two, and they have sizzling chemistry. Alex calls Sita and tells her that she is not in grad school but rather at the FBI. Simon logs in to his computer under the name Max. Caleb and Shelby get flirty at the gun range. Ryan confronts Liam about what he is doing to Alex and threatens to go above Liam’s head. Ryan gets some stunning news of his own when Liam tells him that he isn’t undercover after all — he is there for probationary training. Miranda listens in on the conversation through Ryan’s phone.

Misplaced Trust

In present-day New York, Alex is hard at work tracking down information on her fellow Quantico trainees. For instance, Elias has defended many FBI persons of interest in his career as a lawyer.

Simon gets another call from work, this time informing him that hostage rescue teams and ESU are being sent to Simon’s house. He argues that this action is premature, but they are already headed there. 

At the Emergency Command Center, Ryan and Nathalie have a chat. Ryan explains to Nathalie that he went to Alex’s apartment to try and make peace since he hasn’t spoken to Alex since she found about him and Nathalie. Ryan texts Simon when he realizes that ESU is closing in on Alex. Ryan didn’t know that Simon is working with Clayton, and he is furious. At the last second, Simon tells Alex that he heard back from his friend the bomb-making expert, and they leave in a hurry.

Clayton is livid that Simon and Alex were gone. He tells Liam that he has a leak in his unit. Liam has some issues with Simon working as an agent since he was booted out of Quantico. Clayton responds that Simon has been undercover for months working at a company that the FBI is investigating. 

Unexpected Information

Simon and Alex got to see Simon’s bomb expert friend. Alex is told not to look him in the eye or speak to him as he doesn’t speak English. Simon’s friend, Oren, comments that after the talks they have had, he thought that Simon might be the bomber. After examining the wire, Oren knows of only one company that makes the plastic that encases the wire: McGregor-Wyatt. It just so happens to be the same company that Shelby owns. 

Alex and Simon break into Shelby’s lavishly furnished home to look for evidence. Simon finds a ticket home from Buenos Aires. Simon doesn’t believe that Shelby would frame Alex, and Alex replies that she found out some unsavory things about Shelby after Simon left Quantico. The duo hears keys in the lock and Shelby enters. She pulls her gun on Alex, while Alex has her gun pointed at Shelby. Simon, who doesn’t have a gun, has his hands in the air. It’s a good thing this reunion isn’t tense or anything. 

Shelby scolds Simon for letting Alex get away, and Alex is shocked to learn that Simon is working for the FBI. Simon quickly reassures Alex that he believes she is innocent. Shelby certainly doesn’t think so. Alex accuses Shelby of framing her for the attack because of what Alex found out about Shelby’s parents. Shelby tells Alex that there were seven bombs placed underground that were detonated from within a two-block radius. Everything is starting to look pretty bleak for Alex. Ryan busts in, and Shelby yells at him to take Alex down. Shelby is in for a rude awakening when Ryan points his gun at her face. Ryan knows that there is a tracking device on Simon’s car and tells Alex she needs to get out. Instead, Alex insists that Ryan and Simon leave. 

Once alone, the two ladies get into a physical altercation. Alex gets Shelby’s car keys and they hide in her car as the FBI moves in. Once the FBI leaves, Alex informs Shelby that she is going to be her hostage until Shelby explains how plastic from her company was used on the bomb to frame Alex.

At another briefing, word comes in that Alex has taken a hostage, so if she is seen, the order is shoot to kill.

Once again, Quantico has my head spinning. I am not sure why Liam has it in for Alex or why he wants her out of the FBI. I guess we will see what the next episode brings!

Quantico airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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