Official episodic photos for Bones season 11 episode 5, “The Resurrection in the Remains,” part 1 of the Sleepy Hollow crossover airing Thursday, October 29.

From FOX: “It’s Halloween time at The Jeffersonian as the team gets a surprise visit from newly minted FBI Agent Abbie Mills (guest star Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod Crane (guest star Tom Mison), who have traveled from Sleepy Hollow to claim a headless body already under investigation by Brennan and her team. The new foursome must figure out how to work together to discover who the 200-year-old headless corpse is, and how it is linked to a contemporary murder victim. Meanwhile, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) come up with the ultimate Halloween pranks to play on each other.”

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#12 Brennan, Hodgins and Cam

#11 Checking out the Crime Scene

#10 More Evidence?

#9 Well, They Have a Lot to Look Through

#8 Wendell Has the Skull

#7 What’s on the Monitor?

#6 Booth and Brennan

#5 Ichabod Crane in the Jeffersonian

#4 Ichabod Crane and Brennan

Ichabod Crane and Brennan

#3 How is Brennan Going to React to Ichabod Crane?

#2 Booth

#1 FBI Agent Abbie Mills

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