Mary Stuart Masterson returns to NCIS┬áseason 14 in “A Many Splendored Thing,” the same episode that will see the focus back on the Chen case. But she’s not the only familiar face you’ll be seeing again, as revealed in the photos released.

According to CBS in episode 16, “Bishop is more determined than ever to seek revenge for the murder of Qasim, her late boyfriend, after Gibbs and the team find a new lead in the Chen case. Also, Torres teaches the agents the art of pickpocketing.”

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Here are the photos from the 16th episode of NCIS season 14, “A Many Splendored Thing.”

Gibbs and Ducky at a Crime Scene

NCIS 1416 1.jpgIs This the Lead in the Chen Case?

NCIS 1416 2.jpgA Fun Night out Bowling?

NCIS 1416 3.jpgRafi Silver Returns as Qasim Nassir

NCIS 1416 4.jpgBishop Bowling

NCIS 1416 5.jpgBishop and Qasim

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Mary Stuart Masterson Returns as Congresswoman Jenna Flemming

NCIS 1416 7.jpgWhat Are They Looking at?

NCIS 1416 8.jpgVance and Quinn

NCIS 1416 9.jpgAbby and Bishop

NCIS 1416 10.jpgMcGee and Abby

NCIS 1416 11.jpg

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(Images courtesy of CBS)