One of the things that makes ABC’s Pushing Daisies different from other dramedies on television today is its unique take on the concept of forbidden love.  The show’s lead characters, Ned, played by Lee Pace, and Chuck, played by Anna Friel, cannot physically come together because if they do, one of them is certain to die.

This is because Chuck is only among those whom Ned brings back to life with his special touch, and the moment they come into contact once again, Ned will send her back to the great beyond permanently.

Despite this, the two characters try their best to pursue a relationship.

“It’s sensible for Chuck to move as far away from Ned as possible.  They shouldn’t be in the same room together,” Lee Pace told USA Today.  “But they can’t live without each other.”

So, they cope with the terrible limitations of their relationship, often with humorous results. In order to avoid touching each other, Ned and Chuck express intimacy through beekeeper suits, rubber gloves, plastic casings and kitchen wrap.

“It’s so hot. I highly recommend it.  One of the most sexual experiences of my life,” Anna Friel said with a laugh, poking fun at the scenes that require her and Pace’s characters to use different things to avoid direct physical contact.  “The same with the plastic sacks in the car.  That was thicker.  Each time we do it, the plastic is getting thinner and thinner.  We started with industrial strength and now it’s going to super fine.”

Like with any relationship, however, the two experience some bumps in the road, and while Friel promises “not to frustrate the audience,” Pushing Daisies viewers can expect for her and Pace’s characters to face some complications in their relationship.

“We do hit rocky patches. There’s a whole story line about that,” Anna Friel told USA Today.

“They’re complicated adults,” Lee Pace chimed in.  “You’ve got Ned, who’s very contained and has a real hard time with any type of connection with people.  Then you’ve got Chuck, who’s full of life and gets this second chance, and she doesn’t want to waste it.  There’s kind of a conflicting point of view there.”

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: USA Today
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