Landing a role on Jericho has put April Parker-Jones on the fast track to stardom.  However, fame is not the only thing that the actress has gained from appearing on the show, as she claims it has also dramatically changed the way she looks at the world.

“At times, I keep myself in this bubble. Thinking that the world is bliss.  But this show has opened my eyes to some of the disturbing realities of the world that we live in,” Parker Jones told Jericho~On~CBS.  “Needless, to say, I have [started] watching the news more!”

On Jericho, a post-apocalyptic drama series, April Parker-Jones plays Darcy, wife of CIA Special Agent Robert Hawkins (Lennie James) and mother to two children.  Parker-Jones is a wife and mother herself, and she believes that this commonality helps her to portray Darcy in a more believable manner.

“I think being a wife and mother in real life helps tremendously. It helps to maintain that level of realism,” she said, adding that the show’s writers “have done such an amazing job of capturing the honesty, love and respect that the Hawkins have for each other.”

Parker-Jones also commended James, saying that working with him has not only helped her to “capture the true essence” of her character, but also helped her improve as an actress.

April Parker-Jones’ started out in the business with small roles in a few film and television productions.  Jericho is Parker-Jones’ first steady television gig, having only previously guest-starred in CSI: Miami.  She almost lost the job, however, when in May, the network cancelled Jericho.  The cancellation was followed by a rigorous fan campaign to save the show, and in June, the network resurrected the series, ordering seven episodes for another season.

Now, fans are working extra hard to ensure the show’s viewership will increase.

“I think the promotion effort of the fans has been out of this world!!” Parker-Jones said.  “I have not seen anything like it!  The only thing that the fans can do in my opinion is to not change.  Keep the fire burning for Jericho! It’s because of you that Jericho Lives!”

On Jericho‘s second season, for which CBS has yet to announce an air date, April Parker-Jones said that Darcy will become more involved in the show’s major storylines.

“Without giving too much away, you will definitely see Darcy become more involved in her husband’s past and his protection of the town in season 2,” she explained.  “I am very pleased at the direction the writers have taken for Darcy in the new season.  So, make sure to tune in!”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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