When it was announced that two new female characters would be introduced in the new season of Supernatural, many fans of the show were outraged.  The following months were characterized by angry and disappointed web discussions, which writer Sera Gamble was well aware of.

“It’s an interesting thing about doing a show, especially a genre show, where the fans are invested and are very active in their online communities,” Gamble told cwsource.tv.

Fans were worried that the two female leads, played by actresses Katie Cassidy (Ruby) and Lauren Cohan (Bela), would serve as love interests, therefore possibly taking the focus away from the Winchester brothers’ relationship as they go on their journey, which, for many, is the very heart of the show.  Even when creator Eric Kripke clarified that the two female characters would not be romantically involved with the brothers, some fans still had reservations about the latest cast additions.

Nevertheless, Gamble said that she is satisfied with the way Ruby and Bela have been integrated into Supernatural.

“I think the approach we took with the girls was really good, in that we weren’t trying to create pals for Sam and Dean, and we definitely weren’t trying to create damsels in distress,” she told cwsource.tv.  “Instead, we looked for ways to antagonize them and make their jobs even more difficult — I like to say torture them.”

Gamble revealed that when the strike is over, they’ll resume working on an episode “where there’s a real, substantial turn for Bela.”

“When she arrived on the scene, she was just a mercenary, she didn’t really give a crap about anything the boys care about. In fact, I think she finds it quite amusing that they are so altruistic in their dealing with the supernatural,” Gamble said.  “I always suspect when someone is that blasé that there’s something underneath, and we’re finally getting into that.”

Gamble also said they have been working hard to flesh out Ruby, and that in the coming episodes, she “really steps up in a very major way to offer valuable things to Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).”

While Gamble has big plans for the two female leads, she said that the brothers’ journey remains the center of the series.  She also explained that in writing Sam and Dean, they make sure to explore the boys’ emotional struggles as well, all the while trying to maintain Supernatural‘s gory elements and humor.

“One thing that was important to us was not to blow over the emotional consequence of what happened to these two boys,” Gamble said.  “When their father dies, we have to deal with it.  The juggling act for us is to stay true to the sort of emotional stuff that they’re going through and really go there with the dark stuff, but also have cool monsters and lots of blood and guts and really, really funny moments and the car zooming off to classic rock.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: cwsource.tv
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