If you needed some good news today, here it is: ABC has picked up Pushing Daisies for a full season. The charming dramedy began the season at the top of nearly every critic’s list (including ours), and this announcement means we’ll be treated to at least 19 more delightful episodes.

The decision to pick up Pushing Daisies is both surprising and not. The shock comes from the fact that such an original show could not only find a place on network television, but thrive. The “not” comes from the fact that, three episodes in, it’s one of the highest-rated new shows of the season, behind only Private Practice (the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off that already got a full season order) and Samantha Who? (which follows Dancing with the Stars, and as such was destined to score big with audiences).

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Pushing Daisies becomes the fourth new show of the season to get the full season order, following the CW’s Gossip Girl, ABC’s Private Practice, and CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. On the reality front, FOX has already ordered up a second season of Kitchen Nightmares.  Conversely, only two new shows have been canceled (Nashville and Viva Laughlin), leaving 19 more decisions for the networks to make.

ABC took a calculated risk in its schedule this season, filling its entire Wednesday night lineup with new shows. Thus far, it’s paid off, as Pushing Daisies and Private Practice now have full season orders, and hopefully Dirty Sexy Money won’t be far behind.

Filled with bright colors and eccentric characters, Pushing Daisies stars Lee Pace as Ned, a piemaker whose touch can bring dead things (and people) back to life, but only for one minute. Assisting him in his adventures are Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) as a private detective who uses Ned’s gift to let the deceased reveal who murdered them, and Chuck (Anna Friel) Ned’s childhood sweetheart who he brought back to life, but now can never touch again, lest she die forever. Pushing Daisies airs Wednesday nights at 8pm.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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