On tonight’s episode of Prison Break, a new prisoner enters Sona, who knows Whistler.  Michael and Lincoln find out the timetable has been moved up and Michael comes up with a risky plan to get out.  T-Bag makes a friend while Sucre makes a deal.

From his cell in Sona, Michael observes a rat outside and sees how quickly the guards notice the movement.  They immediately shoot the rat dead, shooting down any chance that Michael can get out through the prison yard.  A new prisoner arrives a Sona, who pretends he does not speak Spanish, and is immediately assaulted.  Mahone tries to hint at teaming up with Michael to get out of there.

Lincoln visits Michael to tell him that he’s got to break out tomorrow with Whistler.  Michael decides that he’s going to break out in the middle of the day and understandably, Lincoln is concerned.  The new prisoner gets up, having his clothes taken from him, and notices Whistler.  He tells another prisoner that he knows him.

Michael goes to his friend, the young prisoner, to obtain binoculars and two watches.  There is only one pair of binoculars in Sona and he’ll have to figure out a way to get his hands on them.  Michael sits with Whistler and lays out his plan for breaking out.  While with Sofia, Lincoln gets a phone call from Susan who puts pressure on him.  She tells him that they have 34 hours.

A stranger stops Sucre, who recognizes him as a gravedigger at Sona.  He tells him to get something inside the prison and he’ll pay him five thousand dollars.  He agrees but seems reluctant but who wouldn’t be?  It can’t be as simple as it sounds.  Bellick tries to befriend the new prisoner, but it’s not certain that an alliance has been formed just yet.  Michael and Whistler spend time spying on the guards, trying to get to know them and their patterns.

The new prisoner spies on Michael’s conversation with Whistler.  As he tries to get away, he bumps into Mahone who gets in his face in an attempt to intimidate him.  While planning an escape route, Lincoln and Sofia are pulled over by police with guns who tell them that no one can get within two miles of Sona.  They are told to leave and not return.  Time for Plan B.

When Sofia hesitates to continue with Lincoln, he tells her that The Company killed Sara.  He also finds out that international waters are 12 nautical miles out.  Sucre takes the small package he was given and puts it on the food truck going in to Sona.  When Michael tries to spy on a guard, he begins shooting into the cell and the guards all head into the prison.  Lechero instructs T-Bag to hide his prostitute out of sight, which he does.

The prisoners line up in the yard, on their knees with hands behind their heads.  Michael, Whistler, and Mahone also line up and the guards begin to look for the scope.  After searching the cells, the guards return with the scope, pick up an innocent man and start to beat him when Michael owns up to it.  The guard he was spying on walks up to him and points a gun right at his head, demanding to know why he was being watched.  As the guard counts down, Whistler steps in saying that it was his and he was watching birds.  He pulls out his book of birds and shows the guards.  The story works and the guards leave the prison to return to their posts.

Michael returns inside to find his cell locked.  Lechero’s prostitute tries to leave but drops money on her way out after telling him that she hadn’t been paid by his outside man.  T-Bag jumps in, saying that he gave her the money to have a way home.  That attempt to help her costs him a quick punch to the gut.  Whistler gets on Michael to figure out a plan and get him out of Sona.  Lincoln and Sofia find a path from the beach that leads right to the prison and hopefully, everyone will reunite the following day.

Sucre meets with the mysterious man to collect for the delivery.  The man has another package for him to deliver, though.  It doesn’t seem Sucre is going to be able to get out of this one easily or any time soon.  The new prisoner walks up to Whistler, saying he knows him, but he denies that the two have ever met.  Michael, Mahone, and Whistler head back to spy on the guards and start to formulate their plan to get out.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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