Horatio and the rest of the team will explore a series of events that might all lead back to a single man in CSI: Miami‘s episode entitled “Chain Reaction,” which is expected to air on Monday, November 5.

'CSI: Miami' Spoilers for Episode 6.7

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The seventh episode of season 6 begins early in the morning before a fashion event, which marks the debut of designer Gavin Hauer’s new clothing line in front of the most affluent and distinguished people in Miami.

The catwalk seems to be nothing but a spread of water with gleaming lights until one of the models on the show, Alisha Reilly, is electrocuted.  Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso), a forensic analyst and the Head of the Miami-Dade crime lab, and Sergeant Francis “Frank” Tripp (Rex Linn), who serves as the team’s medical examiner, start to question Gavin, who insists that he would not sabotage his own fashion show to murder Alisha.

While Gavin is sorry for her death, he says that the show must go on despite the tragedy.  He also needs to get the stage prepared for another show in Paris, which means that the stage has to be taken apart and ready to load onto the plane.  After many insinuations that he might have been responsible for Alisha’s murder, Gavin gets frustrated and tells Horatio to talk to Terrence Day, the lightning director of the fashion show.

Ballistics specialist, Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter), speaks to Terrence and learns that Gavin was too cheap to hire a crew.  Instead, Terrence took it upon himself to take care of every detail of the stage.  Hence, Terrence insists that there was no way Alisha could have gotten electrocuted since he put ground fault interrupters on all of the lights, which means that if one of the lights shorted out, the interrupter would have cut off the circuit.

As the CSI: Miami team digs deeper into the mystery surrounding Alisha’s death, they begin to find connections to Joe LeBrock, the man responsible for the kidnapping of Horatio’s son Kyle (Evan Ellingson) in “Inside Out.”  Another spoiler for this episode is that things become even more complicated when a bomb explodes, killing a man and making it look like Kyle may be responsible.

Aside from the principle cast, also slated to appear on next week’s episode of CSI: Miami are Jessica Szohr (What About Brian) as Samantha Barrish and David Lee Smith (Providence) as Rick Stetler.

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