ABC released the first of thirteen mini-episodes of Lost, entitled Lost: Missing Pieces, but probably better known in the Lost fan community as Mobisodes.  Every Monday, a new Mobisode will appear on, counting down to the season 4 premiere.  The webisodes are short, just a couple of minutes, but they are totally original, written and directed by the real Lost staff.  The first Mobisode, which was released today, is called “The Watch” and was written by show-runner Carlton Cuse.  It takes place in the hours before Jack’s marriage as Jack and his father share a tender moment on the beach.

The episode begins with Jack, rocking sunglasses, on the beach outside of a nice-looking resort, tossing rocks into the ocean.  Jack’s father walks out to join him. Jack is throwing rocks because it was either that or go inside and pick out flowers with Sarah and the wedding planner. Christian says that he has something for Jack.  He takes an old watch out of his pocket.  He says that his father, Jack’s grandfather, gave him that watch on his wedding day and now he’s giving it to Jack.  Jack is confused, because he’s never seen his father wear the watch.  Christian has never worn it. 

Christian explains that when his father gave him the watch on his wedding day, his father told him that he was making a mistake with the woman he was marrying.  He didn’t like her at all.  Jack wonders if his father is trying to tell him something.  Christian says that Jack is making the absolute best decision marrying Sarah.  Christian asks one more thing: if Jack and Sarah have a child, he wants Jack to treat the kid better than he treated Jack. 

It’s a fun couple minutes of character work.  We rarely get to see happy moments for the Shepherd clan; this was one of them.  The Mobisodes are shot on digital film in a very low-tech manner, or at least this one was.  We’ll be back every Monday keeping you up-to-date on each new Mobisode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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