On Survivor’s premiere episode last week, nine pairs came into the game and were promptly split into two separate tribes. The first one to go was Nadiya, whose twin sister and Amazing Race vet Natalie is still in the game.

Right after Tribal Council, Josh pulls Baylor aside to explain his vote for her. He didn’t want to vote for Nadiya, but he didn’t want the guys to think he was on the girls’ side, so he didn’t want to vote for Dale. Baylor thinks it was a smart move, but doesn’t appreciate having her name written down without Josh even including her in on the plan.

At the other camp, the jocks are all showing off. Somewhere in between doing squats with logs perched on his shoulders and push-ups off the shelter, Jon manages to misplace the flint. He takes responsibility for it in the most obnoxious way possible. He even asks Jeremy if they “really even need flint to make fire.” Yeah, Jon, ya do. Because something tells me you’re barely smart enough to rub two sticks together. 

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Hero Arena

For the record, “Hero Arena” is not a phrase I just made up. I’d hope you’d all think better of me than that. It’s the arena where the two tribes will meet each week where loved ones will face off in a one-on-one challenge for reward for their tribe. The loser will be sent to Exile Island. So this is an every week thing.

This week, John Rocker is competing against his girlfriend, Julie. In a challenge that requires balancing a ball on a plate through an obstacle course, he fails miserably, dropping his ball over and over. Julie, however, remained focused, slow and steady. She didn’t drop her ball a single time and beat him handily.

When Jeff asked him how it felt to be beat by his girlfriend, John bitterly answered, “Forget the second part of that word; I just got beaten by a girl.” Instead of being a good sport and congratulating his girlfriend for being strong and winning fair and square, he was a sourpuss. Red Flag number one for Mr. Rocker.

Julie has to pick someone from her tribe to go to Exile Island with John. She picks Jeremy. Before they go, Reed asks to make a deal with Jeff. He wants Jeff to give them another flint in exchange for their bag of beans (not the fishing gear they just won). Jeff isn’t amused that they didn’t propose the trade before the challenge and are unwilling to sacrifice the fishing gear. He says they can have flint, or the fishing gear, and if they take the gear, they’ll need flint eventually, but by then the price will have gone up. The guys think they can keep a fire going, but the girls over-rule them and take the flint in exchange for the gear.


Natalie is still reeling that her twin is gone. They’ve never been apart for this long in their entire lives. Missy feels maternal toward Natalie and wants to make her feel better. In fact it seems to bring all of the ladies a little closer.


Now that John Rocker is a whole island away, his tribe feels safe talking about him. Alec recognizes him and Dale confirms that he knows that not only was he a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, but he had some antiquated (to put it lightly) views about people of different races and sexualities. Learning that John is a bigot doesn’t make Josh (who is gay) want to work with him any less. On the contrary, he thinks he can maybe eventually use the fact that John’s unlikable to his benefit.

Exile Island

Jeremy is also aware of who John Rocker is and the things he’s said. But since he is the only link to the other tribe, he wants to strike a deal with him. Jeremy gets the clue to the hidden idol and he lets John read it so he can help look out for her. Not such a smart move, considering that Val has been to Exile too, and as far as Jeremy knows, she could also have a clue. But instead of giving her a chance to find it and trusting her to take care of herself, he tells John he’ll watch out for Julie if John watches out for Val.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge this week is for the survivors to fight each other Sumo-style (with a long body pad) to knock the other off and into the water. Brothers Drew and Alec go head-to-head and big brother Drew creams his little brother.

Mom and daughter Missy and Baylor have an emotional confrontation. Missy gets after her hard right away, but splits her daughter’s lip. Baylor starts crying like a little baby, and Missy is disheartened and can’t go after her daughter anymore so Baylor wins that round.

John Rocker and Jon, the two athletes, are paired up. The two literally butt head right away, and John gets a busted nose before Jon pushes him off.

It comes down to a re-match between Kelley and Jaclyn (the beauty queen who won the first round). It’s Kelley’s birthday, but her dad has to root for Jaclyn. Kelley gets revenge though and Hunahpu wins immunity again.

Loser Camp

Val not only continues to lie about having an idol, but she claims to have two that she’s playing for herself and the only other remaining member of her All Girls alliance, Jaclyn. Meanwhile, John Rocker uses the clue that Jeremy essentially handed over to find an idol of his own.

John tells the guys that Val has an idol, so they should split their votes between her and Baylor. He then tells Val about the plan but urges her to play her idol tonight because she’s definitely getting votes. Val thinks she can get Jaclyn to vote Baylor, thus having enough votes to get Baylor out.

Josh notices that Val and John went off for a talk together. He doesn’t think John is being entirely honest about everything so he thinks he may have to re-evaluate his vote.

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Tribal Council

Since this is their second TC in a row, Jeff asks them what the heck is wrong with their tribe and how can they fix it. Josh says they need to make changes to make themselves stronger like a Broadway play does after opening night.

Val thinks that they need to vote out the person playing both sides, which is Baylor. She and Jaclyn go after Baylor for swearing herself to the Girls alliance only to switch her vote to Nadiya at the last minute. Baylor thinks that Val has it out for her.

After the vote, Val and Baylor have the same number of votes. Everyone changes their vote, except Jaclyn, the second time around and Val is sent home. John Rocker is upset that Val didn’t play her idol (he doesn’t even stop to consider that she may have been bluffing) because now he’s going to have to answer to her husband.

Next week: Hell hath no fury like Jeremy scorned. He is taking John Rocker DOWN. 

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