Kathleen Vaughn – known as Sweet P – is the last designer to meet in our review of the new contestants on Project Runway. Will those tattoos sported by this former Hell’s Belle bring her some Jeffrey Sebelia mojo and lead her to a win?

What does Tim Gunn think of Sweet P? He seems to think her success or failure will hinge on her changeable nature. “It’s always a matter of who she’s going to be for this challenge.”

So who is Sweet P?

She’s another California girl, raised and still living in the Los Angeles area. She also went to school there, educated at the Los Angeles Technical Trade school.

She grew up with a love for surfing, vintage clothing, and Sonny and Cher. She began making her own outfits while working in the underground club scene. Her personal style garnered some attention, and she found her work to be in demand by other club goers. She sold her clothes in some L.A. stores, but eventually she transitioned from club wear to retro.

After giving it a go on her own for five years, she decided to close up shop and go back to working for someone else. She decided for the popular Bebe line, and most recently has been designing sleepwear. She apparently found sleepwear a snooze and will now be debuting her own line in February 2008.

As is appropriate for a Cali girl, she seems to be a mellow type. Her Project Runway Meet the Designer spot – which, for most other designers are a chance for them to be sassy or outrageous – has her making a rather calm statement that she takes criticism well and might only “wonder” about the judges if they think her clothes are actually ugly.

So there you have it! All fourteen new designers for the next season of Project Runway. We’ll be making some arbitrary predictions over the next few days, so start picking your favorites now!

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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