This week on Project Runway 5, the designers get to meet with a fashion icon, Diane von Furstenberg. Von Furstenberg is a great choice for Project Runway, with her seemingly effortless mix of style and woman-friendly wearability.

And speaking of women-friendly, this episode brings us to an interesting point in the competition. Right now, there are five women (Stella Zotis, Kenley Collins, Leanne Marshall, Terri Stevens and Korto Momolu) and four men (Blayne Walsh, Joe Faris, Jerell Scott, and Suede). Women haven’t been in the majority at this point in the competition since the first season. What else can the numbers possibly tell us?

Well, the women have 3 wins and 11 high call-outs overall, while the men only have 2 wins and 3 high call-outs. The men and women are tied for number of times in the bottom tier (five each), although the women are dipping lower, with three of their lows being the bottom two. Nevertheless, it’s looking like it could be the women’s season if they can continue their strong performance.

One lady doesn’t look to be a strong contender at this point, though. As much as I like her as a person, and think her style is cool and definitely has a place in the fashion world, I don’t think that Stella is long for the Project Runway world. She’s been in the bottom two twice, and with her last performance seriously underwhelming the judges, I think they are going to be taking an even more critical look at her. I also don’t know how well Diane von Furstenberg will respond to her look. Von Furstenberg likes a strong, confident look, but there is definitely serious femininity going on there that might not be a good fit for Stella.

Blayne Walsh has yet to win or even be called out in the top, and Suede hasn’t been in the top since the second episode (and I still think the judges were too generous in forgiving the fit of that second episode dress). If it’s another guy going home, the numbers aren’t in their favor.

As to who could do well, once again, Korto is top of my list, because I can’t imagine a designer better suited to the Diane Von Furstenberg aesthetic. Korto’s looks are cool, modern, strong, yet reflect the confident femininity that fits with DVF.

Terri could be there too, if, once again, she can add that creative high fashion twist. Her cool chick pant outfits are nice, but DVF will want that international flair and soignée feel.

The way Kenley style herself comes across as a little too spot-on pin-up ‘40’s-inspired, but the looks she produces for the runway reflect a greater creativity. If she can hit that sweet spot once again, she might do well. If she goes too costumey (and the previews make it sounds a little like that could happen), she might miss the mark.

Leanne Marshall would actually be my second pick for a win just from an aesthetic standpoint, but she sometimes seems to design such quiet looks, I wonder if she will be able to make it onto the radar again like she did on the last episode of Project Runway.

What do you think? Will this episode see the men even the numbers up or will the women pick off another guy?

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV