Those double eviction episodes make the Big Brother house seem real empty real fast.  With Ollie and Michelle gonzo, there’s also very little in the way of in-house conflict.  As tonight’s episode so cunningly showed, the biggest source of contention among the houseguests is Jerry and his long-winded, pointless stories.  Big Brother spent five minutes of tonight’s episode dissecting Keesha’s laugh.  You know CBS is struggling for usable footage.  This is the bad thing about alliances being successful – the last few weeks can be boring.  Not only did tonight’s episode have the usual nominations, but we got the added bonus of a Head of Household competition. 

Shooting Skee

The Head of Household competition was three on one, basically:  Dan, Memphis and Renny were taking on the Old Man, the Jean Short Messiah, the Master Orator, the Baron of Skee Ball, Jerry.  The game was pretty clever, actually.  The players came out to the backyard and found four long skee-ball like tables.  Keesha, the host, asked the players what day certain Big Brother events occurred (i.e. “What day was Jessie evicted?”).  The players then roll their ball on the Skee-Ball table aiming towards the day they believe is the answer to the question.  Every day away from the actual answer results in a penalty point.  Whoever had the least penalty points at the end of the competition wins Head of Household. 

Dan looked like he had the competition in the bag.  But, in the last few questions, Jerry went nuts, even getting one of the answers exactly correct.  Jerry managed the come-from-behind win.  Dan kind of choked.  

The Colonel and the Mixologist

If the last couple of episodes were about Dan and his grand, overt gameplay, tonight was about Memphis and his subtle cultivation of relationships within the house.  He and Keesha have grown close, and Memphis basically tells us that, if it came down to her, him and Dan, Memphis would like to take her to the final two.  After Jerry wins HoH, Memphis and Jerry have a talk in the Head of Household room. 

Memphis is receptive to Jerry, who wants to make a deal.  Jerry wants to go with Memphis to the final two, but he needs Memphis’ word that he will take Jerry as well.  Memphis, wisely, agrees.  Memphis will be safe at nominations, and he must not use the Power of Veto on Dan if he wins it.  Memphis informs us in the Diary Room that he’s probably not going to stick to his deal. 


Jerry nominates Dan and Keesha. Dan is his absolute main target. 

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