This is not your typical Sunday night Big Brother episode.  We have an all-important Head of Household competition, plus nominations.  It’s pretty much Jerry versus the remainder of the Big Brother house at this point.  I can’t imagine that the four-person power alliance will go at each other just yet.  If any of them win, I’ll bet they make Jerry the target and try to enjoy a stress-free week.  However, since this is Big Brother, that probably won’t happen.  I’ll be here throughout the hour on this holiday Sunday.  Enjoy. 

Andy Rooney, on repeat.  I’ve mysteriously seen this report before.  He literally goes through his mail and talks about it.  Time to put him down.

Another ridiculously long flashback to last episode.  It’s like a mini-episode.  It’s still not over.  I’m going to take a little nap, make a sandwich.

Ollie was devastated after losing the PoV challenge.  Memphis was giddy as a schoolboy the entire time. 

Jerry wants people to talk with him.  That’s it.  He just wants company.  Jerry just talks and talks, mostly to himself. 

Let this percolate in your brain for a bit:  Jerry, a healthy and generally normal 75-year, is still a little crazy.  A little out of it.  We can agree on this.  And, he’s only three years older then a person who might be the next president.  Regardless of your politics, that has to be a little scary. (I’ve only whipped out my soapbox here because this Big Brother episode has been nothing but filler thus far.)

Renny doesn’t understand time zones.  She insists that in New Orleans, it’s two hours earlier than on the west coast. 

Wow, they really don’t have any content tonight.  First, the Renny convo.  Next, we get a long feature on the anatomy of Keesha’s laugh.  It’s like a hyena. 

HoH competition time.  It happened on the night of the double eviction.

Cool game.  Each player is in front of a crazy skee ball contraption.  Keesha as host asks the players what day in the house different events occured.  The players then roll their balls towards numbers on the skee ball table.  They are given one penalty point for every day that they’re off.  Whoever has the least penalty points at the end of the competition wins.

Dan had the early lead here, but Jerry came back and won.  It was kind of a choke, but Jerry played well, even nailing one of the questions right on.  So, Jerry is the Head of Household – this makes things very interesting.  Dan even nailed the final throw, but Jerry still won it.  Damn, good work old man. 

Jerry’s Head of Household room.  Look at the pictures!  My indifference knows no bounds.  Everyone drinks wine.  He has a stuffed animal, a snake, and he bores the houseguests with a long story about the snake.  The houseguests couldn’t be more bored. 

Memphis is trying to position himself to get Keesha or Dan to take him to the final two, if that situation comes.  Memphis says he’d take Keesha to the final two over Dan. 

Renny, doing some sleepwalking.  She’s a nut.  I’d love to have Renny as a crazy aunt. 

Memphis wants to make sure that he and Dan aren’t on the block together.  He goes up to the HoH room and talks to Jerry.  Jerry wants to make an agreement with Memphis for the two of them to go to the final two.  He tells Memphis he wants to put Dan on the block.  Jerry wants Memphis to agree to not use the PoV to take Dan off the block.  Jerry and Memphis make a deal.  I doubt Memphis will keep to the deal. 

Nomination time.

Jerry nominates Dan and Keesha.  Dan is his major target.  He really wants him gone.

I’ll be back later with a full recap. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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