On the previous episode of Project Runway All Stars, the designers were thrown for a loop when they had to switch fabrics with their fellow competitors and make do. The result was that a strong designer, Valerie, went home. Let’s hope that things are more straightforward this week.

Once Upon a Time

Alyssa meets the designers in the Drama Book Shop with the star of the Broadway show Finding Neverland, Laura Michelle Kelly. They tell them that their challenge this week is to create a modern runway look for a classic female fairy tale character. Alyssa tells them that their look should be based on their character literary origins, not from other pop culture (i.e. Disney).

Dom is making a Tinkerbell look. She’s excited because she can relate to Tinkerbell being so small and spunky herself. Since the judges responded so well to her print last week, she goes all out choosing prints to mix and match at mood. She wants to concentrate on Tinkerbell’s “edgier backstory” by making a cool shirt dress over stove-pipe print pants.

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For some reason Kini is still hung up on Sam, and it’s past the point of catty now and edging on creepy. He brags that Sam may have won two challenges here, but Kini won three on the actual Project Runway (not Under the Gunn) and he went to fashion week. Sam tells Kini to keep running his mouth because he’ll keep shutting him down on the runway. In his confessional Sam says that Kini is probably frustrated because the judges haven’t been responding as well to his looks as Sam’s designs.

Anyway, Sam is making a dress for the Little Mermaid. He’s making a crop top with a pencil skirt made of mesh netting like she was just caught from the sea.

Kini’s making a denim dress (shocking) for Alice in Wonderland. It’s a structured denim shift dress in the front with dramatic ruffles in the back.

Asha’s making a red jumpsuit with an overskirt for Rapunzel. The color seems a little old so Zanna tells her to focus on finishing and making it fresh and modern.

For her fairytale character, Belle, Layana is creating a bright romantic and feminine dress. She’s taking a risk by using a black and white print mixed with a bright yellow, but she says it will balance out a classic silhouette. Zanna is worried that the skirt is a little too boring and safe and her critique really makes Layana question her decisions, but she’s not sure what she can do to change it.

Alexander says he has a lot in common with his character, Cinderella, because they’re both tall, gorgeous blondes. He’s making an elegant and royal gown in different reds. Ken says this should be Alexander’s challenge to win because of his background in costumes. He’s feeling confident too, and Zanna encourages him to make more modern choices with the length.

Princesses on the Runway

Joining Alyssa, Isaac and Georgina on the panel for this runway are pop star Kesha and stylist Brad Goreski.


Kini: Isaac says the ruffle is too costumey, but he likes the idea. Georgina says it has a great balance of fashion and playfulness. Kesha wants to go to a tea party with that girl.

Rapunzel: Alyssa likes the duality of it. Georgina says it looks fresh and regal and Isaac thinks the fabric choice was perfect. Brad and Isaac disagree over the styling though; Isaac likes the shoes but Brad hates them. It’s a minor critique.

Dom: Brad thinks the way that Dom exposed her model’s midriff is brilliant. Georgina thinks it’s bold and fresh and modern and totally out of the box. Alyssa really appreciates all of the details in her work.

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Sam: Georgina recognizes the modernity he’s brought to the Little Mermaid, but it isn’t executed well enough. Alyssa says the mesh is a little cheap. Brad thinks the skirt is the star of the outfit and it would have been better without the crop top.

Layana: Kesha thinks it looks vintage, but Brad doesn’t think it’s very exciting. Georgina thinks there were better ways to interpret a look for Belle.

Alexander: Georgina says that Cinderella should look younger and more fresh. Isaac says the neckline is tacky and the way the butt is fitted is wonky. Kesha thinks it’s a little too bridesmaid and Alyssa agrees that it’s too beauty pageant.

The Results

Before the judges announce the results, Kini finds time to insult Sam again. Sam’s confused by the judges’ comments and Kini says that they continue to call him out for the same things and he’s glad that they did. Kini should have gotten Princess Elsa so he could have maybe learned to LET IT GO.

It’s between Dom and Asha for the winner of the challenge (thank goodness Kini is just safe). And it’s Asha for the win!

In the bottom it’s between Layana and Alexander. Alexander is the one going home. Layana gets yet another chance after being in the bottom three weeks in a row. Alexander has a good attitude about things though. He says he’s learned a lot and he had a lot of fun.

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