The ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been in beautiful Dubai for less than a day and they’re already rehashing the overplayed drama that has plagued the group for months. Hopefully, they can find some time to set petty gossip aside to enjoy the most luxurious hotel this franchise has ever seen, however highly unlikely that may seem. Let’s get to it in this episode, “Dubai Daze.”

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The Wonders of Dubai

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle squeeze themselves into wet suits to spend an afternoon swimming with sea lions. The ladies have a ton of fun getting kisses from the sea lions. Lisa wants to get one of her own for Villa Rosa.

Eileen and Erika opt to see the aquarium instead. As they admire the view, they discuss the previous night. Erika doesn’t understand where Lisa Rinna’s anger toward Yolanda is coming from. She thinks it’s unfair of someone to criticize someone so sick. Eileen, ever the problem solver, encourages Erika to bring up her problems to Lisa Rinna.

The other two ladies, Kathryn and Lisa Rinna, go for the spa treatment for the day. Lisa Rinna says she shouldn’t be shamed for her opinions, but Kathryn says only if those opinions are coming from a place of honesty and not judgment. She also thinks that Yolanda put herself on social media to be discussed, so why shouldn’t they discuss it? Again, Kathryn reminds her that she did put herself on social media but not to be so harshly judged.

Later that evening, Lisa Rinna and Eileen meet up before they join the rest of the ladies. Eileen tells Lisa about her conversation with Erika. Eileen says that if Lisa Rinna is really being honest, she should come clean about all of her accusations about Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle gossiping about Yolanda. She says that Lisa has a lot to say to her, but face-to-face with the other women she’s not as brave. Lisa says she’s not quite ready to jump on the “Vanderpump is manipulative” train, even if she knows it’s true. She’s a close friend and she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Desert Chic

The ladies get on a bus to go to the desert. Erika, in her “desert chic” look (a mohawk braid and a dark, smoky eye), is ready to get out and see some of the countries she’s never been to before.

They meet their desert guide, who helps them tie their head scarves for a buggy ride through the desert. Then they’re treated to a show of falconry where they all get a chance to pose for glamorous pictures with the falcon, Gizmo, and a beautiful desert backdrop.

Next on the schedule is a beautiful Arabian Nights dinner set in the middle of the desert complete with a henna artist, camel milk drinks and a dancer that reminds Kyle of her own hair-whipping prowess. Some of the ladies opt out of the camel meat dinner though (Lisa Vanderpump refuses to eat “Humpy”), but Kathryn would rather have the full experience of the culture — even if it is a little gamy.

Things are going nicely until Lisa Rinna starts running her mouth about Yolanda again. Erika asks her if she doesn’t like Yolanda. Lisa says the two of them have a ways to go. Then Lisa Rinna asks Erika if she likes them, and she says she likes them all more now than she did upon meeting them, but that’s just because she’s slow to trust people. Lisa Rinna asks Erika if she judged them upon meeting them and she says she’s not one to judge. But Lisa says she judged Erika for having such a sexual music video. Erika can’t believe that someone who posed twice for Playboy is coming for her. After that, Erika visibly disengages and is through with the conversation. She says there’s no way she can open up to Lisa Rinna more when she sees her being so nasty and judgmental to her friend.

The rest of the ladies leave the Lisas alone to go smoke some hookah, something that Eileen’s an apparent expert at. Rinna confronts Vanderpump about how she tried to manipulate Rinna into bringing up the Munchausen topic while completely taking herself and Kyle out of the conversation in front of the cameras. Vanderpump denies, denies, denies and says she would never have used the “M word.” Rinna can hardly believe that someone is lying like that straight to her face.

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Let’s Make a Deal

The next day, the ladies go to the Dubai market for some shopping. They all feel like they’re straight out of the Sex and the City movie. Eileen is a bargaining monster and it makes her feel alive and free. Eileen says that when you go to a new country, you have to eat their food and wear their clothes. Kathryn has a problem with wearing the clothes, though, when a cockroach crawls over her when she tries on a caftan.

Later, Kyle, Kathryn and Lisa Rinna go to lunch while the rest of the ladies nap. Rinna talks about her moment with Vanderpump from the night before. Kyle says she knew about the conversation that Rinna and Vanderpump had off-camera. Not only that, but Kyle says that Vanderpump tried to get Kyle dragged into it too and pit her against Lisa Rinna. But Kyle knows Vanderpump too well and refused to get caught up in her web. Lisa Rinna can’t believe that Kyle’s been sitting on this and just letting her flail in the wind. She says she’s tired of being their scapegoat.

Lisa Rinna goes to Eileen’s suite before dinner because she’s the one person she can trust. What she’s saying is this: Lisa Vanderpump encouraged her to drag Kyle into the Munchausen conversation. Then when she left, Lisa Vanderpump tried to tell Kyle that Lisa Rinna was the one who wanted to drag Kyle into the argument. She thinks she was trying to pit them against each other and change the story to make herself look better, and she’s not going to allow her to do that anymore.

What Eileen can’t believe is that Kyle’s completely okay with her friend just throwing her under the bus like that. She thinks it’s finally time for Lisa Vanderpump to start being accountable for her actions.

The ladies take a red carpet to their beachfront dinner. Lisa Rinna talks with the ladies before Vanderpump and Kyle arrive. Erika encourages her to speak her truth, and she supports Lisa Rinna in her endeavor even though she thinks she looks too good in her babyface Versace to be fighting on a beach in Dubai.

When Vanderpump and Kyle arrive to dinner, they can feel the tension. Lisa Rinna tells them she has to get all of this off her chest. To her credit, she holds her own against Vanderpump in the face of her constant denial. She tells Vanderpump to stop deflecting and take responsibility for the part she’s played in all of this.

Kyle tries to jump in to defend Lisa Vanderpump. But all she manages to do is validate Lisa Rinna’s claim because she’s not willing to lie for Vanderpump. She says, yes, they were all talking about Yolanda, but Lisa Rinna is the one who brought up Munchausen. And, yes, Lisa Vanderpump tried to start more drama, but she’s okay with that because she’s in a good place with her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump.

But Eileen and Lisa Rinna aren’t okay with her lying. Lisa Rinna says that Vanderpump changed the story and made her the bad guy, and she’s disappointed in her for that. Vanderpump says in her confessional that she’s disappointed in Rinna too. They’ve been friends for a long time, but now she feels betrayed.

Lisa Vanderpump tries to get up and walk away, but Kyle wants to keep everyone there until it’s all resolved, which doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon. Eileen tells Lisa they’re not bullying her, and Rinna tells her to stop playing the victim. Erika says that in order for Lisa Rinna to move on, she needs Lisa Vanderpump to 100% own what she did and said, and if she doesn’t hear what she wants to hear, she won’t be able to let go.

Next time, Eileen continues to stand up for herself. It’s about time.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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