Last week’s episode of Project Runway ended with a bit of a shocker.  The final four designers had to create evening gowns based on a photo they took at the New York Botanical Gardens, and though Kenley’s dress looked like something a mermaid would wear to a disco in 1977, the judges couldn’t decide who to eliminate.  They instead sent everyone home and told them to design a line to present at New York Fashion Week, with the only catch being that one designer will be eliminated before the big show.  Did Kenley, who deserves the boot for daring to roll her eyes at Tim Gunn time and again, finally get her karmic comeuppance in tonight’s episode?  Read on to find out.

The designers have $8,000 and two months to design 10 outfits for New York Fashion Week.  Before they head home, Heidi tells them they must design a wedding dress as part of the collection, which Korto isn’t thrilled about.  The designers will also be keeping the models from their last challenge.  As the designers go their separate ways, Kenley gets her bitch on yet again by neglecting to say goodbye to anyone.

Four weeks later, Tim heads to Arkansas to visit Korto, meet her husband and family, and take a look at her work.  She’s trying to make clothes that are a reflection on the nature that surrounds her home.  That means there’s a heck of a lot of greens and similar nature tones.  Tim is worried that one of the outfits is too sexual, but aside from that he loves the collection.

Tim next travels to Oregon to visit Leanne and her boyfriend.  Leanne found her inspiration while sketching down at the waterfront, which led to plenty of wave patterns.  Tim is concerned that the white in the collection is too white, and he also thinks her wedding dress doesn’t jive with the rest of her pieces.  It’s time to make some changes, but first Leann takes Tim on a bicycle built for two.  “I need to check my medical insurance,” he jokes before they zoom off.

Over in Los Angeles, Jerell is working on a collection that focuses on evening wear and a lot of mixed textures.  Tim is concerned that the top of the wedding dress is too asymmetrical, but I’m more worried about an evening gown that looks like it’s made out of fishnet stockings.  I usually like Jerell’s style, but that dress is horrifying.  Tim meets Jerell’s boyfriend and family before taking off to visit Kenley.

Kenley is based out of Brooklyn, and she swears that she values Tim’s opinions even if she often rolls her eyes at him.  She personally painted a lot of her fabrics and took inspiration from her grandmother.  A lot of her stuff looks nice, but Tim is worried about a dress that has a neck made of ropes.  He thinks it’ll make the model look like she’s ready to hang herself.  At least he finds the wedding dress impeccable.

The designers return to New York, and somehow the Project Runway composer resists playing the Wicked Witch of the West theme music when Kenley reunites with the other designers.  Everyone acts civil toward one another, even though Jerell isn’t particularly thrilled that he has to room with the resident villain.  Things lighten up a bit when Kenley apologizes for her behavior, but there’s still plenty of awkwardness in the air.

The next day, Tim tells the final four that they have to make a bridesmaid dress to accompany the wedding dress.  Ah, what a lovely surprise!  They’re given a budget of $150 and sent to Mood for supplies.  They’ve got to make it work by midnight, so the race is on to create a bridesmaid dress that doesn’t look predictably tacky and hideous.

When Tim checks on the designers later, he’s worried that Jerell’s bridesmaid dress looks too sloppy and puckered.  Poor Jerell, he’s always so sloppy.  He suggests Leanne shorten the length of her design, and thinks that Korto’s outfit looks too much like her wedding dress.  Believe it or not, there’s no drama to be found with Kenley.  She actually seems to listen to his criticisms for once.

The episode can’t go by with a complete lack of Kenley drama.  She gets pissed when she sees that some of the other designers have also created short bridesmaid dresses.  After a trip to the L’Oreal hair and makeup room, the runway show is on.

The designers each present their wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.  Michael Kors thinks that Leanne’s wedding dress is chic and gorgeous, while Nina Garcia tells her that the bridesmaid outfit is beautiful.  Leanne is almost always awesome, so that’s no surprise.  Michael isn’t a fan of the top of Jerell’s wedding dress, nor does he like the weird crown of flowers on the model’s head.  Nina thinks the gray in the bridal gown makes it look dirty, which is never a good thing.

Michael thinks that Kenley’s bridesmaid dress is the cutest damn thing he’s ever seen.  Heidi says it’s “crazy good,” so for once Kenley doesn’t have to get overly defensive on the runway.  Korto’s wedding dress has way too much going on, while her bridesmaid dress doesn’t have enough going on.  Nina thinks the two outfits don’t relate to one another in any way.

After the judges deliberate, Heidi reveals that Leanne and Kenley are staying in the competition.  It’s now down to Korto and Jerell.  The person going home tonight is. . .JERELL!  Korto will move on to Fashion Week.

That’s it for tonight’s episode of Project Runway.  Next week is the big finale, where we’ll finally find out who’s taking home the grand prize.

Kenley’s wedding dress (L) and bridesmaid dress (R)
Kenley's wedding dressKenley's bridesmaid dress

Leanne’s wedding dress (L) and bridesmaid dress (R)
Leanne's wedding dress

Korto’s wedding dress (L) and bridesmaid dress (R)
Korto's wedding dressKorto's bridesmaid dress

Jerell’s wedding dress (L) and bridesmaid dress (R)
Jerell's wedding dressJerell's bridesmaid dress

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