Tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser, which is normally 2 hours, was cut in half due to the presidential debate.  The contestants are still reeling from the new twist this season, where only one family will fall below the yellow line.  The losing family will have to decide which one of them will go home, instead of being voted out by the other contestants.  Jillian helps Coleen with the loss of her father, who eliminated himself after the yellow team lost the last weigh in.  Coleen is now the only contestant without a family member to support her and get her through this process but all that will change after the next weigh in.

Amy and Phil get a 24 hour trip home, after receiving that as a prize on last week’s episode.  They share an emotional reunion with their kids, who can’t believe how much weight they’ve lost.  The family heads out on a hike through the woods, where Amy and Phil can really show how their lives have changed since starting on The Biggest Loser.  Back in California, Amy and Shellay also use their prize from week 1, which was 24 hours alone with Jillian, their trainer.  The day together isn’t exactly what the purple team had hoped for.  They spend the day at 24 Hour Fitness, where Jillian works them to the point of exhaustion and tears.

For tonight’s challenge, each contestant will stand on a bar, holding onto handlebars, as water leaves the giant tank they’re in.  The winners will get a package from home, to cure their homesickness, as well as a 3 day VIP pass to Universal Studios Hollywood which includes airfare.  Coleen was the first to drop and, as the only yellow team member, had the odds stacked against her.  The last two on the bars were Vicky and Amy (purple).  Vicky is able to hang on the longest and wins the challenge.  She gets to pick another team to give the package to and Vicky chooses the purple team.

In their workout with Jillian, the parent-child teams face her wrath when she finds out that they haven’t been doing their cardio.  She screams at them, telling them she’ll watch them go home, one by one, and count the days until the next season, when she can get people who actually care.  When Amy smiles during her rant, Jillian sends her inside and say she’s had it with her team.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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