Lost spoilers come in degrees.  I tend to be anti-spoiler when it comes to most everything – the less I know about a TV show or a movie going in, the happier I am.  For Lost, however, depending upon the kind of spoiler it is, it can just make the upcoming episodes more intriguing.  That’s the kind of Lost spoiler we have today, in the form of a set report from the great state of Hawaii.  This is an exclusive look from a BuddyTV reader who happened to witness the filming of what sounds like a very important scene.  There’s no concrete story information, but the grouping of characters definitely qualifies this information as a spoiler.  Go no further if you want to enter season 5 of Lost fresh but, for me, this information only adds to the wonderful mysteries of Lost


All of our information comes from a kind reader known as Moosky19, who sent in a detailed report.  Here are the main details.

  • The scene witnessed took place at a Catholic school, though Moosky19 believes that they might have been using it as a church because they added an extra Jesus on the cross prop on the exterior. 
  • The scene had four main characters: Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond.
  • Yes, Desmond.
  • Ben, Sun and Jack were using the same Canton Rainier van that we reported about in our last spoiler update, which you can find here. 
  • In the scene Moosky19 witnessed, Sun and Ben talk in a very serious manner once they exit the van.  In the middle of the conversation, Ben pulls something out of his “man purse” and gives it to Sun.  Whatever it was, it was small, Moosky19 thinking that maybe it was Jin’s ring.  Next, Desmond comes into the scene, and then they all run into the building. 
  • Desmond is wearing a wedding band.  Did he and Penny get married? 
  • Also, Sun has a gun on her the whole time. 
  •  Moosky19 also noted that everyone appeared to be pretty buddy-buddy with Ben the whole time, or at least they were working with him without animosity. 

So, this must mean Desmond has to go back to the island with the Oceanic 6, right?  Why else would he be there?  How did he return?  Also, this episode is somewhere around the fourth, fifth or sixth episode of the season.  It looks like the Oceanic 6 is getting close to leaving for the island, which means they’ll be at sea before the mid-point of the season, in all likelihood.  There’s a lot of speculation that can be made from this report.  What are your theories?  Post a comment below, or visit our Lost Forum to speculate about season 5.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Moosky19
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Oscar Dahl

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